The saga that is the Jarvis Landry contract situation took a turn this evening. Miami has placed the franchise tag on him. See look

Want some video to go along with your tweet, how’s this for size?

So I should feel great about this right? Miami signed one of their best players and one of the toughest receivers in all of football and everything is rainbows and lolly pops right? Then why do I feel like a passenger on an airplane thats been told that there’s nothing to worry about but the captain wants everyone to put on their seat belt? Forgive me for feeling suspect about the whole thing.

Maybe I’m reading to much into this. Maybe this is just the beginning of Miami getting Landry signed to a long term deal. But then the cynic in me reveals himself and I start thinking that this is the first step for Miami eventually trading Landry for about a 2nd round pick. Or, maybe they include Landry and their 1st round pick for some kind of mega-deal. Probably because of tweets like this that my doomsday scenario brain kicks in

$30 million guaranteed seems like a number a Miami was trying to avoid the entire time. Leads me to believe that this is the calm before the storm. I really hope I’m wrong but it just has that feeling that the proverbial carpet is going to get pulled out from all of us tortured Fin fans and another really good, young player is going to be leaving because that’s just how this franchise operates. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen and he gets signed for the next 4-5 years but until then, this will be me.