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The national media seems to have some sort of disdain for
the Miami Dolphins.  While Miami has given
them plenty of firepower over the last 20 years, they aren’t as bad as they
claim them to be.  Put it this way, they
aren’t the Cleveland Browns.  
The talking heads dissect every aspect of each team, every
offseason.  Teams are put under a
microscope by so called “experts”.  Their
topics range from player additions, subtractions, coaching changes, uniforms, over hyping the draft, etc. etc.
Frankly, who cares? 
Allow us to play devil’s advocate.  
Yes, Miami lost some key talent from their 2017 team.  But who are we kidding, that team was
6-10.  Yes Landry, Suh, Pouncey, etc. are
household names, but they were a part of a team that ranked towards the bottom
of the league in offensive and defensive categories.  
Does this make the Miami Dolphins 30th in the league?
Image result for Frank Gore Miami DolphinsMiami added talent.  Not only did they address key needs in the draft, but they
signed some talent to help offset the losses. 
For years, Miami’s front office treated Free Agency as a trip to Bloomingdale’s.  Nowadays, they are
bargain shopping at Walmart.  Smart teams
find players to fit their system.  

 Players like Amendola, Wilson, Sitton, Kilgore, Frank Gore, &  Spence aren’t the flashy names, but fit what Miami is trying to do going forward.

Find THEIR players. 
For years, teams such as New England, NYG, Green Bay,
Pittsburgh, went about free agency as an opportunity to add depth to their
roster.  Bill Polian preached this while in Buffalo, Carolina, and Indy.  If the team thought a player were a missing piece, they went after them.  But, the key pieces were already in
place.  They didn’t force the square peg into
the round hole.
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Players like Revis to New England, Charles Woodson to GB, Manning
to Denver, etc. etc. were players added to put that team over the
top.  New England often balks at the idea
of overpaying for players.  Smart.

Build through the draft.

Now Miami is taking that blueprint and utilizing it as their
The Dolphins brass know what they have in their team.  They played the draft board brilliantly.  They stood their ground in the draft at #11
and got what some would consider a top 3 prospect.  Rumors that Miami was in LOVE with this QB
class proved to be wrong.  Chicago
offered Miami the 8th pick in return for the 11th overall
& a 4th rd pick.  Josh
Rosen was still on the board. 

Miami said

Image result for mike gesickiThe Dolphins bolstered their roster with Depth.  The OL looks solid.  The WR corp is 7-8 deep
with talent.  Miami picked up their
version of Jimmy Graham with the pick of Mike Gesicki.  A 6’6” former basketball player TE who is an
athletic freak.
That’s NOT even the best part.
Ryan Tannehill returns from injury in 2018.  The former 1st rounder returns to Adam Gases’ Offense. 
While some will argue Tannehill is not what Miami needs, none of the
2018 draftees are beating him out of the starting spot. 
Tannehill had a career year in 2016, and was having a nice training camp
before reinjuring that knee.
Now the “experts” say he’s injury prone?  Ok? 
First, he never had the initial surgery. 
He basically tore the ligament completely while scrambling in camp.  This is the same QB that started EVERY game 2012-2016. 

Uh, this happens in the NFL. 

 Luck has only played in 48% of games since
2015.  Rodgers (Broken Collarbone), Wentz
(ACL Tear), Watson (ACL Tear) have all missed significant time due to

“Experts” won’t dare call
them injury prone. 

Point is, what Miami has done this offseason will surprise a
lot of people going into 2018.  Injuries
change the course of the NFL landscape every year.  Teams with depth find ways to overcome.  Despite churning their roster in
2018, Miami is better than 30th in the league.  Reason?  Smart acquisitions and depth.  

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