Leave it to a PSU grad to nail the hammer on the head in regard to how the league is handling and issuing penalty flags just about every 3.5 snaps. In looking to be totally transparent with the fans of the NFL. the only true and clear way to express oneself in a time of great confusion is to take a line out of one of the most respected people in justice who currently doesn’t have the Senate Committee breathing down his neck. Judge Judy.

When you’re right, you’re right and Cam Wake is just saying what everyone with a brain and conscious is saying: the NFL doesn’t care about anyone in the league except the QB’s and sadly. they never ever will. Ian Rapoport and many others reported that the league met the other day and basically gave the fans, who don’t want to see players launch themselves like missiles at opposing QB’s but think they should be able to bring them to down to the ground even if that means that the majority of their body weight will fall on them, a big middle finger. Predictable because we all are aware the Goodell and the rest of the old NFL guys running the league value QB’s more than other positions. Scoring is wild right now and will probably break all the records this year because playing tough defense without being flagged for it is liking finding platinum on accident. The league will never admit that of course because the league doesn’t care if they look stupid. They’re perfectly fine getting lambasted by everyone at all times. That doesn’t change the bottom line that they are still going to make around 10 billion dollars this year. Also, they know the die-hard’s like me and just about everyone else aren’t suddenly going to take up painting or hanging out with the family on a Sunday. They have us, and they know it.

But Cam Wake is right in everything he says and feels. He’s also right to quote Judge Judy because now more than perhaps any other time in NFL history we need a little sanity.

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