A couple weeks ago, I wrote an article about the team’s red-zone deficiencies and how it kind of relates to what is going on with the rest of the offense’s troubles. For all that Adam Gase has done over the last few years and he has done some good things, like wanting to run the tight ends and backs by committee and electing to go with the smaller, faster speed demon receivers instead of the more physically gifted ones. All of those things have helped in some capacity this season make the Dolphins offense more productive.

One thing that Gase has not done well over the years is create a sturdy offensive line. The o-line is the most integral part of the offense. If you don’t have the stability of an offensive line, nothing else is going to work on your offense.

Now, you can argue that guys like Swanson and Larsen have done well in the absence of Kilgore and Sitton and the stats would back them up. But, let’s be honest, the offensive game plan every week is predicated on getting the ball out of the QB’s hands as quickly as possible to the receivers and backs before he gets bull rushed to the ground.

As I was tallying up the stats after the Lions game, I noticed something peculiar. Dolphins have had as many third-down conversion opportunities as their opponents. However, our opponents are beating us.

Dolphins: 31-83
Opponents: 38-83

It’s time for Gase to grow up and take that unit seriously. There’re is no easy answers to solve this problem right away. My best suggestion is to keep drafting offensive lineman. Doesn’t necessarily need to be in the first round but if they are the best player available, why not? I mean, people act like we missed out on Pouncey, Long, James, Tunsil. And didn’t the Patriots just take an offensive lineman in the first round? The guy out of Georgia? What’s his name? I mean, I don’t see anybody criticizing the Patriots. Give me a break. Dolphins need o-line help. They have drafted 2 offensive linemen in the last 3 drafts and neither one of them is even on the roster. Absolutely, insane! Of course, we are a long way from the draft, so you don’t know what the loaded positions are yet, but if it turns out to be as good as the 2018 class, I would get one of each: T, G, C.