Wow… what a roller coaster this season has been, and we are only 6 games in!! There have been so many highs and lows to discuss that I truly do not know where to begin with you all. At the beginning of the season, I told myself over and over, “This could be a special year for QB Ryan Tannehill. “However, with the injury bug hitting him and now that his future is unclear, that thought is in serious jeopardy. With that being said, here are my 5 craziest takes from the first 6 games of the year:

  1. I cannot believe I find myself actually rooting for (and liking) Brock Osweiler. As a Miami Dolphin fan living in Houston, I got to see the way he acted when the season after he received his rich deal from the Texans. With hindsight being 20/20, the Texans situation was not the best for him (and neither was his next stop with the Cleveland Browns). With his arrival in Miami, he looks to be rejuvenated, and he played very well against a very tough Bears defense. When I listen to him in his pressers, he is a very likable guy. He says all of the right things and seems to have a very deep respect and love for his coaches and teammates. It’s kind of hard to not like the guy, ya know?
  2. Raise your hand if you thought Albert Wilson would be as good a fit as he has been thus far (I for one am raising my hand because I saw this coming from a mile away). Albert simply got buried in the depth chart, while with the Kansas City Chiefs, and how lucky are the Fins that he was?! When on the field, this guy is absolutely electric. He is turning into one of the few players in the league that every time he touches the ball, he has a real chance to take it to the house. I am not quite there on saying, “Jarvis Who?”, but I am sure getting damn close to it.
  3. How scary is it to think about where our running game would be without Frank Gore? At the beginning of the season, all of the talk was about how old he is (35), and this 1-year deal was going to be his swan song in his hometown. Well, Frank has a message for all of those people, “NOT SO FAST!! “. This guy is leading the team in attempts (62), and Yards (303). He is doing this behind an offensive line that has lost 2 of its starters, and it has not fazed him one bit.
  4. Adam Gase is an incredible coaching talent, and the Miami Dolphins are incredibly lucky to have him. Are there things that I do not like about Gase? Yes. However, the number of things that I do like about him far outweighs any of the negative things. If I had to pick the one thing I love most about him, it would have to be his no-nonsense approach to running the team. If you do not like the way he does things, you will find yourself out of his locker room as soon as possible. In order to be a successful NFL coach, you have to be a cerebral, tough SOB, and Gase certainly has that quality to the nth degree.
  5. Lastly, how in the world have the Dolphins been able to pull off a 4-2 record with one of the most injury-ravaged rosters in the league? QB Ryan Tannehill (shoulder – missed multiple games), C Daniel Kilgore (out for the year), LG Josh Sitton ( out for the year ), DE William Hayes ( out for the year ), DE Charles Harris ( missed 1 game ), WR Devante Parker ( missed multiple games ), CB Bobby McCain ( missed multiple games ), and the list goes on. With all of these injuries, no one is making excuses, and they continue to find ways to win. Sure, can you find flaws with the teams that they have played (Titans, Jets, Raiders, Bears), but none of that matters. In the NFL, it is all about getting the Win, and the Dolphins are doing that right now in a fairly exciting manner.

This weekend, the Dolphins take on the Lions in promises to be a really interesting game. The Lions are coming off of an impressive win against the Packers, and they now have a chance to get to a .500 record with a win against Miami in South Beach. This writer’s prediction: Miami 28, Lions 21. Have a great weekend everyone and GO FINS!!