I’ve watched the last 5 games with Brock Osweiler at quarterback and I’ve seen enough. Osweiler hasn’t been a disaster like I thought he might be, but he also hasn’t gotten the team better. The Dolphins the last 9 quarters haven’t scored an offensive touchdown. Whether it’s fair or not that falls on the quarterback. It’s the quarterback’s job to lead the team and score touchdowns not settle for field goals, take sacks, or have a bad turnover.

On Sunday against the Green Bay Packers, Osweiler moved the ball very well, but didn’t finish off drives when need. The first possession of the game the Dolphins get inside the Packers 20 and on 1st down, Osweiler has the ball go through his hands and turns the ball over. The other two times they get inside the 20, the Dolphins settle for field goals. Then right before the end of the first have Osweiler misses a WIDE-OPEN receiver down the field that could have resulted in a big play and gotten a score before halftime. Then at the start of the second half, the Dolphins blocked a punt and the get great field position inside the Packers 30 and couldn’t move the ball and settle for another field goal. After that, you knew the game was officially over.

Osweiler to his credit took the blame for the team’s inability to get in the end. Osweiler has his limitations as a quarterback and the biggest one is his inability to hit the deep ball when needed. Too many times the last 4 games, Osweiler has over thrown an open receiver that could have resulted in a big play and change the course of the game. Against the Houston Texans, he missed DeVante Parker for what could have been a touchdown. Then against the New York Jets, where points came at a premium, he missed a WIDE-OPEN Danny Amendola on the second possession of the game that could have resulted in a touchdown. The miss to Parker on Sunday before the end of the first half was the last straw for me. Quarterbacks must make the big play when needed to change the course of games and Osweiler hasn’t done that the last four games.

With the Dolphins season at a cross roads with the bye week, I believe they should give David Fales a chance if Ryan Tannehill isn’t ready to come back. The Dolphins would have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Fales has only played one game and it’s a good idea to see what he can do going forward because we know what we have in Osweiler and I know the offense has a ton of injuries, but the quarterback play isn’t helping either. Maybe Fales can bring something more to the table. He is more mobile than Osweiler and maybe he can make the throws that Osweiler can’t. The worst that can happen is the Dolphins collapse the last month of the season, but what are their other options?

Adam Gase needs to realize he needs to make a change and not be loyal to Osweiler because of the history they have. If Gase doesn’t consider this then he is going down with the sinking ship and he should get fired. Desperate times call for desperate measures and the Dolphins are in a desperate time if they want to make a move because the season is fading away.