Impact Most Valuable Player: Matt Haack. Haack made my impact analysis six times this year and it wasn’t even close. His best game was probably the Bengals game as he had four of his five punts inside the 20. Isn’t it sad that our best player was a punter?

Offensive Most Valuable Player: Frank Gore. Gore made my impact analysis three times this year. His best game was against the Bears, where he had 15 carries for 101 yards. His ability to get tough yards allowed for other running backs to get the go-ahead score. A true professional and teammate and class act in his only season as the member of the Miami Dolphins.

Defensive Most Valuable Player: Robert Quinn. He didn’t have as good of a year moving back to defensive end. In fact, he was mostly quiet for most of the year and then he just sort of came to life. His best game was against the Jaguars where he recorded a sack, a tackle behind the line of scrimmage and three quarterback hits.

Rookie Most Valuable Player: Jason Sanders. His best game was the Bears game as he kicked a 47-yard field goal in overtime for the win. In Chris Grier’s arguably best draft, our best player is a kicker. Isn’t that sad?

Offensive Rookie Most Valuable Player: Kalen Ballage. His best game was against the Vikings as he had a 75-yard touchdown run to open up the second half of the game. This is a good player who I think has a bright future with this team.

Defensive Rookie Most Valuable Player: Minkah Fitzpatrick. His best showings were against the Patriots. That should tell you all you need to know. He was a good pick for this team. There will always be fans who wished we took Lamar Jackson and they would be wrong.

Quarterback Most Valuable Player: Ryan Tannehill. His best game came against the Raiders when he threw for 289 yards. The one other game where I felt he really shined was the second Patriots game when he threw for 265 yards. Whatever the future holds for Tannehill, I wish him well.

Running Back Most Valuable Player: Frank Gore. I wouldn’t mind having him back, but I’ve learned over the years that very few players survive a regime takeover so it wouldn’t surprise me to see him retire either.

Offensive Line Most Valuable Player: Ted Larsen. I wanted to do a backup offensive lineman for this award. Larsen stepped in for offseason acquisition Josh Sitton and for the first half of the season, he played okay. Look, obviously, they need to build around Laremy Tunsil and just get rid of the rest of this unit. I watched this unit eight times this season and they only made it three times.

Defensive Line Most Valuable Player: Robert Quinn. I generally don’t like to judge new acquisitions straight out of the gate. I wouldn’t mind seeing him back next year. It took him a long time to get going but in the last quarter of the season, he started to play like the player we traded for.

Linebacker Most Valuable Player: Kiko Alonso. Alonso started with a strong showing in the season opener, even getting an interception. Then he got quiet for a while and during the second half of the season, he started to play well again.

Special Teams Most Valuable Player: Matt Haack. Next year, I’m going to try to account better for kick and punt returners because they do bring value to a team, but as it stands now Haack is our best playmaker in my opinion. I watched this unit ten times this year and six of those ten times, they made my impact analysis. Haack and Sanders are set. We just need to find a new long snapper.

Additional Notes: I was going to do a runner up award but no one really challenged Haack so I nixed that idea.

***The receiver unit—with all their injuries—actually did very well, but no one player stood out. I would build around Wilson and Amendola and just try to find that big-body receiver who is going to put this unit over the top.

***The tight end unit was a complete disaster. Didn’t even deserve a charity award.

***Our secondary unit is fantastic! Every single time I needed them to step up, they did. It was a tie between TJ McDonald and Minkah Fitzpatrick. This is something to get excited about, my fellow Dolphin fans!