With the NFL scouting combine going, it means its time to look at the top players in this year’s NFL draft, but it also means its time teams to talk to other teams and agents about free agents and possible trade before the league year starts. With Chris Grier now in charge of the whole football operations and talk of the Miami Dolphins rebuilding, there is going to be a lot of speculation about current players on the roster and pending free agents as well as what the Dolphins could do with the 13th pick.

The biggest question is what the Dolphins will do with quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Of course, Grier and new coach Brian Flores will say they are still “evaluating the roster” because they want to try to make teams think Tannehill could still be on the team next year. Who are you kidding the Dolphins are going to part ways with Tannehill, but it’s a question as to whether they can work a trade with another team or just flat out release him? I personally think they will release him. If they can get anything for Tannehill it’s a win for the team. Teams know the Dolphins are going to move on from him and now that the Philadelphia Eagles aren’t going to franchise tag Nick Foles, it means a team can sign him without giving up any compensation.

The biggest free agent for the Dolphins is right tackle Ja’Wuan James. Grier said he would like to resign him and will start negotiations soon. Wait what? If you want him back, then haven’t you started the process of trying to resign him instead of waiting for the 11th hour? The excuse is he just got married and want to give him some personal time? I’m sorry that’s why James has an agent to do that work for him. I’m sure James and his agent have an idea what they want in a contract. I’m sure the Dolphins have a figure what to give him so what’s the hold up? The feeling I get is the Dolphins will let him test the free agent market and if the price gets too high, they will let him walk. I don’t expect James to be back with the team and the Dolphins will get a compensatory pick in next year’s draft considering there isn’t a lot of money under the cap and the Dolphins want to build through the draft. Plus, James is a fine starting right tackle, but not a great one. If the Dolphins felt, he was great they would have taken care of him by now.

The biggest player to be talked about at the combine in Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray. There has been a lot of mock drafts having the Dolphins take Murray at pick 13 in the first round, but I’m not so sure. Murray is 5’10” tall which isn’t a big deal to me. He is however 207 lbs. and that concerns me because he can run and will take a lot of hits. I just don’t know if he will hold up. He can throw the ball with great accuracy, but the players in the NFL are bigger and faster. Can he take a hit would be the question I would ask myself. I also think that someone might take him high in the draft maybe even the Arizona Cardinals with the number 1 pick, but a lot can happen between now and when the draft starts. If Murray falls to the Dolphins, then they might have a decision to make and it will depend how the front office and the coaching staff feel about him.

The Dolphins have a lot of holes on their roster and with the 13th pick I would think the Dolphins will try to take the best player available. They also might even entertain a trade and try to acquire more picks since they have a ton of needs especially on the offensive and defensive lines. There is going to be plenty of talk and a lot of mock drafts coming out. The thing is we don’t know what Grier is thinking or how he sets up his draft board. Plus, a lot of teams are going to be actively discussing trades and there will be a lot of movement the first week of free agency as always. That will give us more clarity when the draft comes around.