Surviving the longest three months after the longest season in recent history for the Miami Dolphins, all things came to an end Thursday night when the Dolphins drafted three talented players to add to its ranks in hopes to build a sustained winner for the future. Dolphins fans, no matter which player’s name they wanted to be called can all attest that the hours leading up to the start of this year’s draft felt like that Christmas when you wanted that bike or that toy and you just didn’t know if Santa would deliver until it was time to open the presents. Well, with three picks and GM Chris Grier making note that the team will do whatever it wanted to, Santa delivered.

The team and it’s fans survived a tumultuous season where the goal was clear to lose as many games and ended up with the 5th pick, and along the way Grier and company picked up two more first-round draft picks that made tonight almost seem both fictional and historic at the same time.

The offseason wasn’t any less rocky with the smoke screens and cons that they had to run in order to be able to stick at pick 5 and still be able to complete the mission. I don’t think anyone truly knew up until the pick was in that Tua would be the pick. An ESPN analyst said they knew they were being played time and time again, and just had to run with it. As for the pick? I believe the player will be an awesome Quarterback for Miami for years to come. I’m not too concerned with the injuries. I would rather have a great Tua for 14 games a season and a competent back up that will win us 1 out of 3 games than a player that doesn’t fit. For So long the team has been trying to make a square peg fit a round hole, and it makes a fan feel great that it would rather take a risk (albeit a big one) than to play it safe, and that safe pick turns out to be someone that doesn’t embody Coach Flores’ message, demeanor or the direction of the franchise. The smoke around the pick by Grier was absolutely masterful. I can safely say whether Tua plays 5 years or 15, I’m happy with what the front office is putting together, as a team not afraid to take risks, and able to navigate the salary cap as they have been.

There were two other picks, and a trade back made to complete night one of the draft. It’s still unclear with the atrocities of the pandemic how close to playing Tua is. However, the team has the luxury of allowing him to sit until he’s absolutely ready to start, 2020 season be damned. I believe I can speak for Dolphin faithful when I say I’m quite okay with that. Through the tank and a subsequent long offseason, Mission accomplished, the future couldn’t be brighter.