You can only imagine the human side to all of this when Tua Tagovailoa hears the rumors of possibly being traded to the Houston Texans for disgruntled QB Deshaun Watson. I am sure that it hurts internally, you think (but likely will not say out loud), “Is it true that my performance in year one would hurt my chances of being the Dolphins Quarterback going forward?” When speaking to Mike Greenberg of ESPN, Tua spoke about how his play in his rookie season was below average. So even he is acknowledging that he can be better than how he performed in year one. It’s also great to see how high expectations he has for himself.

Tua is already hard on himself as it is. If you’ve watched the Tua documentary, you know that chances are his dad probably talked to him a lot privately on how he played this last season. At the same time, chances are, with great guidance from his agent, family, etc., they will tell him that his name will be up in trade rumors and that you can only control what you can control. It is up to him whether it gets to him, good or bad.

Look at former Jets safety Jamal Adams, who blasted the New York Jets organization for even taking calls about other GM’s inquiring about him. Tua wisely chose not to do that. Tua’s talent and his overall maturity as a human being are why they drafted him. He is accountable; regardless of what happens, he can only control him. Just listening to interviews of Tua from his college days to the pre-draft process, we knew about his maturity.

Whether or not Miami ends up trading him, we still do not know. Miami is in a great position still to succeed whether Deshaun Watson or Tua Tagovaloa is under center. Josh Katzker of The Same Old Dolphins show had a monologue about how the Miami Dolphins are perfectly positioned; if you guys want to listen to that, he breaks it down how this is a win-win.

Let the record be straight that it’s Miami’s job to call others on the possibility of making the team better. It does not mean they need to strike a deal. We need to remember that.

If the Miami Dolphins choose the route of sticking with Tua Tagovailoa, then he has an opportunity to show that leap and let his play show that it was right to keep him. He is not a guy who will go on Twitter, and blast people left and right or get into off the field trouble.

It is so good for Tua that even though we don’t know how he really feels in private, at least in the public eye, he is continuing to show his great maturity not only as a football player but also as a human being. If he does end up being traded to Houston for Watson, I wish him the best of luck. He is a very easy person to root for.