Adam Schefter oF ESPN reports that sources are telling him Miami will not move on from Tua, and he is expected back as the Dolphins’ starting quarterback in 2023. Tua has had two (or three) concussions in the span of three months this year, and while it’s not impossible he could return this season if Miami beats Buffalo, it appears unlikely from what other reports are stating.

Tua has a long history of injuries dating back to his days at Alabama. There had been speculation that Miami would move on from Tua next season. Per the Schefter reporter, doctors believe Tua should be able to resume his playing career. Tua has never played more than 13 NFL regular season games in an NFL season, and he is also missing Miami’s first playoff game since 2016. Tua also holds a record of 0-6 as the starting quarterback for the Dolphins in “big games” in the month of  December/January since entering the NFL, with losses to Buffalo in 2020, Tennessee in 2021, and SF, LAC, Buffalo, and Green Bay this year in 2022. There will be a lot of questions and second-guessing about Miami’s approach with the quarterback position all off-season, with the issue being, can you win with a staring quarterback who is injury prone and misses significant time each year?

The question now is whether Miami picks up Tua’s 5th-year option or gives him a long-term contract extension of upwards of $200+ million dollars to secure him long-term.

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