The Most Sought-After Tickets in the NFL


  • New research from into online search data across the United States has revealed which sports teams have the Most Sought-After Tickets in the NFL.
  • In first place with the most in-demand tickets in the NFL is the Green Bay Packers, with over 3.7 million annual searches in the USA.
  • Completing the podium are the Dallas Cowboys in second place with 2.98 million annual searches for tickets to watch the Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles in third place with 2.28 million annual searches.


Every sports fan’s best memories are in the stadium of their favorite team. The atmosphere and the excitement create a unique and unforgettable experience for sports fans, and everybody wants to watch their favorite team play, no matter who they are. So, this asks the question, have you ever wondered which is the most in-demand sports ticket in the NFL?

Well, thanks to new research from, the Most Sought-After Tickets in the NFL have been revealed. By analyzing the Google Search volumes for terms surrounding tickets for each team in the NFL, the teams with the most sought-after tickets in America have been ranked in the following table:

Rank Team Annual searches for tickets in the USA
1 Green Bay Packers 3,720,840
2 Dallas Cowboys 2,980,680
3 Philadelphia Eagles 2,284,080
4 Miami Dolphins 2,239,800
5 New York Giants 1,944,720
6 Kansas City Chiefs 1,522,680
7 San Francisco 49ers 1,469,520
8 Denver Broncos 1,371,360
9 Las Vegas Raiders 1,256,400
10 New England Patriots 1,212,960
11 Los Angeles Rams 1,184,400
12 Minnesota Vikings 1,123,800
13 Pittsburgh Steelers 1,043,280
14 Chicago Bears 1,021,800
15 Detroit Lions 968,400
16 Cincinnati Bengals 962,520
17 Tennessee Titans 922,920
18 Carolina Panthers 921,480
19 Baltimore Ravens 840,720
20 Buffalo Bills 817,560
21 Cleveland Browns 815,640
22 New Orleans Saints 760,920
23 Seattle Seahawks 753,600
24 Atlanta Falcons 753,120
25 Jacksonville Jaguars 734,280
26 Houston Texans 693,720
27 Los Angeles Chargers 615,840
28 Indianapolis Colts 606,960
29 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 568,920
30 Arizona Cardinals 370,200
31 Washington Commanders 307,200
32 New York Jets 268,560

The research shows that the Green Bay Packers are the team that has the most in-demand tickets in the NFL, with a monumental figure of over 3.7 million searches nationwide. That’s almost 800,000 more searches than the Dallas Cowboys, who sit in second place with over 2.9 million searches from the USA.

The Philadelphia Eagles help make up the top 3 as they are ranked in 3rd place with over 2.2 million searches in the USA to go and watch the Eagles.

The following table ranks every NFL team in order of highest amount of online searches for tickets in their home state, adjusted for population:

Rank Team Annual searches per 1,000 people in home state
1 Green Bay Packers 162
2 Denver Broncos 147
3 Kansas City Chiefs 131
4 Minnesota Vikings 115
5 New England Patriots 79
6 Philadelphia Eagles 71
7 Baltimore Ravens 70
8 New Orleans Saints 65
9 Seattle Seahawks 63
10 Detroit Lions 58
11 Dallas Cowboys 54
12 Indianapolis Colts 53
13 Miami Dolphins 52
14 Las Vegas Raiders 51
15 Tennessee Titans 45
16 Atlanta Falcons 43
17 Cincinnati Bengals 43
18 Chicago Bears 42
19 Cleveland Browns 41
20 Carolina Panthers 38
21 Arizona Cardinals 33
22 Pittsburgh Steelers 30
23 Buffalo Bills 25
24 San Francisco 49ers 24
25 Jacksonville Jaguars 24
26 Los Angeles Rams 23
27 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14
28 Houston Texans 12
29 Washington Commanders 12
30 New York Giants 11
31 Los Angeles Chargers 11
32 New York Jets 5

When it comes to people from their home state searching for tickets to watch their team, the Green Bay Packers keep the top spot with 162 searches per 1000 people in the state of Wisconsin for Green Bay Packers tickets, making Packers fans the most likely to want to go and see their team play in the country.

The Denver Broncos come in second place with 147 searches per 1000 people from their home state of Colorado searching for Denver Broncos tickets. The Broncos placed 8th in the nationwide rankings of the most sought-after tickets, which shows that the people of Colorado love watching their team play! The Kansas City Chiefs make up the top three with 131 searches per 1000 people from Kansas searching for tickets to watch the reigning Superbowl champions.  

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