• A new report from Betway reveals the NFL teams with the most popular and more powerful chants.
  • NFL fans consider the Los Angeles Chargers’ slogan as the most popular based on social media data.
  • Based on Spotify data it’s also revealed that Jacksonville Jaguars’ chant is the most intimidating, whereas Philadelphia Eagles fans know how to hype up a crowd.

Football fan bases are the best in the world, and there are so many cool and unique things each team’s fanbase does. One of the coolest things being the chants/fight songs the crowd sings as a whole. But which NFL fanbases have the best chants? We at Betway decided to find out!

By identifying each team’s most prominent songs and analyzing Spotify data for intensity, loudness, and energy, we’ve been able to reveal which NFL fanbases boast the most powerful support. We’ve also explored which NFL slogan is the most popular among social media audiences.

The NFL’s most popular slogans online

According to NFL fans online, the most popular NFL chant belongs to the Changers (Bolt Up), followed by the Packers!

The top 10 NFL chants based on online positive sentiment score (%) is as follows:

Team Slogan No. of tweets Positive Sentiment score (%)
Los Angeles Chargers #BoltUp 136211 33.1%
Green Bay Packers #GoPackGo 634639 32.7%
Buffalo Bills #BillsMafia 1197451 31.5%
Carolina Panthers #KeepPounding 152238 28.7%
Detroit Lions #OnePride 306588 27.9%
Los Angeles Rams #RamsHouse 243304 27.2%
Denver Broncos #BroncosCountry 203435 27.0%
Dallas Cowboys #DallasCowboys 1708909 24.1%
Miami Dolphins #FinsUp 354274 23.8%
New York Giants #TogetherBlue 137626 23.7%

The most intimidating NFL chants

By analyzing Spotify data encompassing distinctive team chants and fight songs uploaded by NFL supporters, we have successfully identified the fanbases that exhibit the highest volume and most intimidating presence, capable of instilling fear in opposing teams.

The top 10 most intimidating NFL chants are as follows:

Team Loudness Score
Jacksonville Jaguars 42
Tennessee Titans 35
Kansas City Chiefs 23
New England Patriots 21
Dallas Cowboys 18
Las Vegas Raiders 15
New York Jets 14
New Orleans Saints 13
New York Giants 13
San Francisco 49ers 13
Houston Texans 12
Philadelphia Eagles 11

The NFL teams with the best hype-up chants

By examining the average beats per minute (BPM) and energy of their chanting, we utilized Spotify data to assess the NFL fanbases that excel in generating enthusiasm for their teams.

The top 10 most powerful NFL chants are as follows:

Team BPM Energy Score
Philadelphia Eagles 196 74
Arizona Cardinals 161 31
Kansas City Chiefs 144 45
Los Angeles Rams 140 80
Las Vegas Raiders 138 64
Seattle Seahawks 138 94
New England Patriots 129 64
Cincinnati Bengals 129 97
Chicago Bears 126 40
Washington Commanders 125 59

To find out where each team ranks, please visit here: https://usblog.betway.com/nfl/nfl-fan-chant-power-ranking-betway-study/