With Training Camp less than a month out, we’re at that weird point in the off-season where not a lot seems to happen.

Players are enjoying their last free window of spare time, spending it with their families or beating NBA players in golf. Usually, any news about players is bad news, as we’ve seen with the recent Tyreek Hill situation.

While the victim has decided to press charges and an investigation is ongoing, it still seems unlikely Tyreek will get more than a fine (with a one-game suspension at worst).

We also learned Tyreek offered the boat captain $200 to make up for slapping him, which is not a great look. If you’re going to self-identify yourself as an NFL player, particularly one who just got a massive contract a season ago, your bribes can’t be offensively cheap. No wonder he pressed charges after initial indecision.

NBC: Why the Jets & Dolphins are the Primary Landing Spots for Dalvin Cook

As for indecision, Dalvin Cook, my dude, sign the contract. Yeah, it might not be what you’re worth, but if money truly isn’t the only important thing here, Miami is absolutely the best spot for you.

When you look at this roster, it’s hard not to see why salary cap doom is coming and why this year is massively consequential. Even if there’s a lot of youth (Coach McDaniel included), the roster is loaded on both sides of the ball.

The reward of helping bring a Super Bowl championship to your home state can’t be priced. Sure, securing a fat bag has its own value. Still, with no state income tax in Florida as well as the extension of relevance most Super Bowl winners experience, long-term earning potential has to be better for someone with a ring vs. one without.

So sign the contract, Dalvin. It’ll work out perfectly. Besides, Dolphins’ Twitter needs this right now.