The sun’s surface temperature is approximately 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas at its’ core, that can reach to more than 27 million degrees.  Awfully hot, especially with it sitting at the center of the solar system.  It is roughly 109 times the diameter of Earth, meaning about one million ‘Earths’ could fit within the sun.  4.6 billion years ago, the sun was born where scientists believe it came from a solar nebula that collapsed due to its gravity; then it flattened into a disk by spinning faster and faster.  This was then pulled toward the solar system’s center to form the sun.

So, since this happened so long ago, and well before Miami, Florida became a ‘place,’ how does it know the exact time and place to shine when the Buffalo Bills come to town?  Crazy if you think about it.  For all the happiness and potential that head coach Mike McDaniel has brought to the Dolphin’s organization, the greatest feat of his career just may be the ability to have the sun on speed dial to drum up at his choosing.  Truly miraculous stuff if you ask me; I am quite impressed, as all of you should be.  Not his zone-blocking scheme, not the joy and fun that seems to have overtaken this current squad, his witty banter and back and forth with the reporters.  He ranks right up there with Dr. Evil and his killer sharks that had laser beams attached to their head(minus mini-me, sadly).

Luckily for the Dolphins, Hard Rock stadium was built precisely so their good buddy, the sun, would beat down only on the opponent’s side during a game and keep the Dolphin sideline nice and cool.  Another impressive feat by this organization!  If you don’t believe that, just listen to that interview from August 2nd where Josh Allen was on to discuss his findings as well as to inform the world that he has officially voiced this “competition” concern all the way up to Roger Goodell.  Funny how these things tend to work.  If the Bills pulled out of that first game last year, would there be discussions on how Miami is able to use the sun, at will, to their advantage?  I don’t think so, certainly not nearly as much, that is for sure.  But after reviewing the game tape, it could not have been due to the incomplete deep pass on first down at the Miami 43.  Nor the Incomplete pass, which included offensive holding on 2nd down.  And obviously, it was not because the 3rd down completion to McKenzie was short by about 8 yards and ran out the clock.  Nope!  The sun reared its powerful head and shined down and allowed the game clock to run out before the next play could be run.

Outside of teams playing in domed stadiums, the weather will continue to be a factor, whether it’s rain, snow, or something crazy such as the infamous 1988 ‘Fog Bowl’ which had the Eagles playing the Bears in conditions where nobody could see whether you were there in person, playing on the field or attempting to watch on television.  To Roger Goodell and the competition committee, please allow our 12th player, the Sun, to remain on our sidelines for our home games solely versus the Bills from this point moving forward; it only makes for great conversations. Some teams are able to adjust, some not.


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