As I watched the Fins/Pats game from my seat at Hard Rock Stadium, it was clear to me that the Dolphins, offensively, were not firing on all cylinders.  It seemed to be about a B- effort.  Yet at the end of the day, they won by 14 (and covered the spread, I might add), gained nearly 400 yards, and dominated time of possession 36 minutes to 24.  Maybe I’m too tough of a grader?  Maybe I expect too much?  Or maybe it was the quality of the opponent?  In any regard, I’m happy the Fins won without their A-game.

Injuries and mental mistakes prevented that from happening.  But the good news is that the Defense, except for a handful of plays, played terrifically.  The Patriots only had 106 total yards at halftime, and their only touchdown was a drive of only 30 yards set up by a Tua interception.  The roles reverse for this week’s GBU list, with the Goods leading the way.


  • How about we start off the list with the DEFENSE! I don’t know if it was the return/debut of Jalen Ramsey, but this unit actually played well.  As noted above, they only allowed 106 total yards in the first half and only 112 in the second.  One of the big keys to the game was stopping the Patriots cold from the 19-yard line after Raheem Mostert fumbled on the first play of the second half.  Holding them to 3 points maintained the momentum for the Fins, who scored on the next drive.  Let’s hope this is truly a step forward and not a one-week anomaly.
  • Jalen Ramsey. The Patriots looked as if they were going to tie the game near the end of the first half, but Ramsey changed all that with a drive-stopping interception and a 49-yard return, which led to a field goal.  The Patriots did not throw Ramsey’s way often, and I doubt other teams will either.
  • Jaelan Phillips. He had eight tackles, including a sack and a tackle for loss.
  • Hill and Waddle. These guys need a nickname.  Dan Marino had the Marks Brothers.  Does Tua have the Speed Brothers?  All they did was catch a combined 15 balls for 233 yards and two scores.
  • Not a great game, but a good one.  30-45 for 324 yards and 3 TDs, and the one bad pick.  He looked a bit off on his timing and throws but had a good game statistically.  He was good when he had to be and led the all-important 10-play, 75-yard drive when the Fins needed a score to ice the game.


  • Slow starts. This game marked the fourth time in five games the Dolphins have trailed early.  This is a trend that needs fixing.  They got behind the better teams (Bills and Eagles) and never caught up.  Pro golfer Lee Trevino once said, “Two things don’t last.  Dogs chasing cars and golf pros putting for pars.”  I’ll add one to that list, Lee.  Teams falling behind early in playoff games.  If the Fins get there and want to advance, they need to figure this out.
  • Another Tua interception (repeat from last week). This makes seven picks in 8 games.  That’s Halloween scary.  It set up the Pats in outstanding field position, which they capitalized going 30 yards for the game’s first touchdown.
  • The Dolphins run game (repeat from last week). Granted, it was a patchwork offensive line with two more injuries adding to the problem, but they were unable to run the ball even before the injuries.  They managed just 78 yards on 26 carries for a lowly 3.0 average.  Raheem Mostert had two more fumbles (one lost).  I’m eager for Terron Armstrong and De’Von Achane to return to the lineup.
  • Jake Bailey (repeat from last week). This guy really bugs me, if you haven’t noticed.  Forget his 48.7 average on three punts for a second.  Let’s look a little closer.  His first punt from the Pats 39-yard line went straight into the end zone on the fly for a net of 19 yards.  How many of us watch week-to-week practically every punter put some nice backspin on the ball and land it inside the 10-yard line.  That punt had no chance.  His second punt was decent, a 44-yarder, which was fair caught on the 15.  His last punt was another short, ugly punt that was so short the Pats could not get up to it and catch it.  Fortunately for Bailey, what looked like a 35-yard punt turned into a 63-yarder thanks to some 25 yards of roll.

THE UGLY (Vacant)

  • Yes, this is the first week with an empty Ugly list!

We all know who’s next up on the schedule.  The scene shifts to Germany, where the Fins will face the high and mighty Kansas City Chiefs who look to avenge their complete bomb of a game in an inexplicable 24-9 loss to the Denver Broncos.  This will be the third opportunity for the Fins to show they can compete with the big boys.  Thus far, they’re 0-2.