One thing became abundantly clear to me as I watched the Dolphins’ game this past Sunday: the Dolphins have the best cornerback and wide receiver in the NFL in Jalen Ramsey and Tyreek Hill.

Since returning from injury, Jalen Ramsey has been exactly as advertised; not only has he excelled in his own right, but the defense has improved tremendously since the star corner made his Dolphins’ debut. After pulling down an interception in his first game and boxing Travis Kelce in his second game, Ramsey came down with a pair of interceptions yesterday that showcased his athleticism and ability to find and attack the football.

With how well the duo of Howard and Ramsey, along with Chubb and Phillips, are playing, this Dolphins’ defense could end up being one of the best the team has fielded in a long time.

As for Tyreek Hill, Dolphins fans already knew he’s been the best receiver in football since arriving in Miami, but he emphasized that fact even more with his touchdown on Sunday. Not only was it an impressive catch, but I do not know how many receivers, if any, find a way to score on that play like he did. Since arriving in Miami last season, Tyreek Hill has led the NFL with 198 receptions and 2,932 yards while also being tied for fourth in touchdowns with 16. As for this year? Hill leads the NFL in yardage by 200 yards with 1,222 yards, and he leads the league in touchdowns with 9.

Hill needs 743 yards to eclipse Calvin Johnson’s single-season record of 1,964 yards. If he maintains his current pace of 122 yards per game, he’ll get there as well as become the first receiver to surpass 2000 yards in a season- remember when people thought his numbers would see a dip in Miami?

Dolphins fans are incredibly spoiled with the talent on this roster, and it starts with Hill and Ramsey.