Hold on to your lucky charms! No, we’re not talking about the cereal kind. NFL betting season is upon us. On one side of the Northern, Canadian border, Fins fans are readying up for an exciting season of football madness. On the other, Canadian fans are also readying up. But at betting exchanges instead of their usual bookmaker platforms.

What’s this? A fresh, shiny, brand new betting trend brewing across the United States’ northern border? Local Miami Dolphins fans from Ontario and other cities are becoming a lot more active on Canadian betting exchanges. What’s the big deal? Well, unlike regular online bookmakers, exchanges are offering something a bit special. The fact that the Dolphins aren’t really, seriously being considered as potential Lombardi trophy lifters this season might be driving the trend. Or, maybe not. Who knows for sure?

Betting Exchanges: What are they?

Are betting exchanges the same as betting sites, apps or platforms? There’s probably little need to go into detail about what a betting site is. All the recent regulatory changes to sports betting in the United States means that most people are at least somewhat familiar with the concept. A person can access a site, depending on where they live and how old they are, and see options to place bets on teams. Betting platforms each have their own special odds, and a bettor simply has to take or leave it.

Betting exchanges are a little bit unique and different. In fact, they’re not very similar to regular platforms at all. Sure, a Miami Dolphins fan can use either type of platform to place a wager, but betting exchange in Canada operators have taken a somewhat unique approach. They don’t usually set the odds. Instead they work a little bit like a facilitator, connecting different bettors together.

The two kinds are different in the same way a supermarket is different to a farmer’s market. Betting platforms are like Walmart. At Walmart, the company makes all the rules and the prices are set. Shoppers who try to haggle for a special discount will usually be laughed out of the store. Betting exchanges are more like farmer’s markets. Here, anyone can set up a “shop” so to speak, and decide their own prices, or odds, in the context of betting. At betting exchanges, bettors propose their own bets, and fans decide whether or not they want to participate.

There’s more freedom with exchanges, and the betting environment can easily feel more dynamic. A Dolphins fan might accept a bet on a specific proposition, but at their own chosen odds. The fact that the rules have changed a bit also means there’s potential to see some interesting betting propositions get made.

What’s the appeal for Dolphins fans?

Surely the fact that exchanges offer a little more freedom and a slightly more dynamic betting environment isn’t the only reason why passionate Dolphins fans in Ontario might be intrigued, right? There is actually even more going on that meets the eye.

Legal, trustworthy and popular exchanges often come with less fees. How is that possible? Well, exchanges don’t need to worry so much about certain costs. With less concern for crazy profit margins, more exciting odds are usually on the table. And we all know what better odds mean: a chance for bigger payouts if a prediction comes true. Do we even need to explain why this would cause Dolphin’s fans to make the switch?

As if that wasn’t all, exchanges also have many more betting options. Most bettors are used to the usual suspects: Most points scored, overall winner and game total, to name just a few. Bettors on these exchanges could place wagers on any number of potential outcomes, even bizarre, wacky and wildly off-base ones like whether or not Miami Dolphin draft suggestion Johnny Newton might get injured before the season is over.

Considering a switch? Do some homework first

Now that all the game-changing features of exchanges have been laid out neatly, some local Dolphins fans might be very interested in signing up for one. Before you do, understand that these platforms are relatively new to the betting scene. They’re also usually a lot less refined than the biggest betting sites everyone with a risk-taking streak is no doubt used to.

There’s some extra learning to do before jumping into an exchange. Miami-based fans might have to wait until the regulations surrounding this thrilling but risky activity are loosened up a bit. Fans from other states, or indeed from Canada, probably won’t have to worry about this legal stuff as much. Just make sure the platform has a relevant license. They will have to keep responsibility in mind too. You will still be placing money on the line at the end of the day. Remember to set a reasonable limit for yourself beforehand.

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