The much-awaited NFL Draft is in the books and set a record of its own. However, with the winners and losers pretty much established, some pundits have moved on to the next cycle. Mock drafts of the 2025 NFL Draft are already out and shed insight into American colleges with the most talent for next year’s event. Here’s a recap of the 2024 Draft and an overview of the 2025 mock drafts, including colleges with the best teams:

2024 NFL Draft Recap

The 2024 NFL Draft went down in Detroit between April 25 and 27, meaning all selections have been made. The Chicago Bears were among the winners after landing the 1st and 9th draft picks, which they made the most of. Caleb Williams, who has been brandished as a generational talent with a superstar persona, was the first pick and broke the Fanatics records for draft night merchandise sold. The Bears also picked the gifted wide receiver Rome Odunze and landed veteran Keenan Allen in free agency, giving Williams more talented options to work with.

With the rejuvenated passing attack, Chicago fans can’t wait for September to see their team play. The Minnesota Vikings also made a big trade move when they got quarterback JJ McCarthy and edge rusher Dallas Turner at pick 17. McCarthy’s talents were showcased when the QB won the college National Championship with Michigan. Turner could also be a great value given all the first 14 draft picks were offensive talents. NFL also went international after the Buffalo Bills drafted European rugby union winger Travis Clayton.

What’s Next for Fans and Players

With the NFL draft picks concluded, fans can look forward to a thrilling season of football this fall. In the meantime, coaches will be on training grounds assembling their teams for another go at the title. Fans don’t have much action on the pitch, but can take to the best betting sites to make predictions on futures such as outright Super Bowl winners or who will make it to the playoffs. Bookmakers are also offering generous bonuses and free bets for the upcoming NFL season, which is something to look forward to among real money bettors.

Betting aside, NFL draft experts have begun to build their boards for the 2025 drafts barely a week after the 2024 event. This trend isn’t novel especially with the NFL talk around this time being almost entirely about the concluded drafts, stats, and predictions for the future. Mock drafts are a reflection of the current talent pool available in American colleges. The players and teams named in these drafts are more likely to make the actual 2025 NFL Draft.

What the 2025 NFL Mock Drafts Contain

Mock drafts are not the official NFL draft, but merely names of players who might go pro next year and make it to the draft picks.  These drafts offer insights into the talent available in the colleges, allowing fans to gauge how teams might compete when college football kicks off this fall. Punters can also use this information when wagering on National Championship football betting markets. Although it’s still early, mock drafts are known to feature the best players based on data-backed merits and expert opinion.

On most occasions, these players and teams end up competing for conference titles and playoff positions and eventually become top picks for next year’s NFL Draft. Nonetheless, a lot can happen between now and the end of the football season. Mock drafts simply offer a starting point for those looking to be part of college football matches every Saturday. Keeping an eye on this board can shed light on who might make it to the playoffs, win the National Championship, or qualify for first-round picks in the 2025 Draft.

Which Colleges Have the Most NFL Draft Talent?

After eight years of producing at least six draft players for the NFL, Ohio only managed four in 2024. However, this was partly due to the handful of players who elected not to go pro and instead compete in Colombus. As such, Ohio State has the most talent-laden squad and could possibly have more than ten draft picks in 2025. Michigan also has a team filled with potential NFL talents, even after leading the draft picks in 2024, while Georgia surprisingly has at least one notable draft pick for each position on the field.

Roasters at Texas and Texas A&M also carry several prospects for the 2025 NFL Draft, while LSU could challenge Ohio and Michigan for first-round picks given their list of talents. Will Campbell, Emery Jones, and Harold Perkins, who is arguably the fastest player in the draft, could all be part of next year’s top draft picks. Other notable schools with NFL draft prospects include Colorado, Penn State, Notre Dame, and Ole Miss. However, fall will determine the fate of these teams and players since everything is decided on matchdays.

Key Takeaways

All eyes are on the upcoming NFL season, which promises to be one of the most exciting both on pro and college level. Many players who could have made it to the drafts elected not to go pro, so the college roasters have some amazing talents to watch every Saturday this fall.  This also means next year’s draft will be more exciting and loaded with top talents. The ones who were drafted also add to the already exciting roasters of professional NFL teams, so it’ll be interesting to see how the 2024-2025 NFL season turns out.