5. Control time of possession
     Foster doesn’t need to run for 150 yards but he must be effective enough to allow 
     Mia to run on 1st downs. Mia must keep the run pass ratio about even and not get
     too pass happy against the LOB.

4. 4th qtr pass rush
     It’s easier for teams to mount a comeback when down at home. Mia must not take  
     their foot off the defensive pressure in 4th qtr. We will see how many sacks/qb
     pressures they will have.

3. Keep Wilson in pocket
     When Wilson feels the heat he will most definitely get out the kitchen so MIA must
     keep him fro, running for 1st downs on 3 and longs.

2. Getting turnovers
     If the defense gives the offensive a short field to work with this could lead to
     victory. Last year the LB core gave MIA almost nothing in turnovers. I’m
     suggesting Kiki Alonso will turn that around.

1. Protecting Ryan
     Does anything more need to be said here. Give him a clean pocket and RT can
     deliver. 1st round pick Laremy Tunsil makes his starting debut along with Bushrod
     at OG. This is the best O line RT has ever had in front if him. Protect the HILL.