Dominance continues in the AFC West with 3 of the 4 teams 2-0 heading into week 3.  Dallas and Green Bay found no success on the road last week, and we saw that Tampa Bay and Miami both get wins after a long 3 weeks of no football.

Biggest Risers:  Bucs (4), Chargers (4)

Biggest Fallers: Cowboys (7), Packers (6)

Without further a do, here are the week 3 Rankings:

1.   2-0 – Isn’t it great watching Marshawn Lynch back in the NFL.  Everyone in Raiders nation is dancing after a dismantling of the Jets.  They hit the road against the Skins on SNF, will they be the first team to hold down the top spot for consecutive weeks? (Prev 2)

2.   2-0 – The Chiefs put the Eagles away late.  Kharim Hunt looks like he will be carrying this team on his back all season.  Tough division game Sunday afternoon in LA, 3-0 seems likely but don’t count out the Chargers.. Unless there is a clutch kick to be made (Prev 3)

3.   2-0 – I bWelieve their game against the Bears were week 1 blues.  They dismantled the Packers (again) at home.  Difficult road match up against the Lions this week. 
(Prev 5)

4.   2-0- Steelers feasted on a Bradford-less Vikings team in Pittsburgh in week 2.  I bet Tomlin wished Bell didn’t hold out.  Only 3.2 YPC so far this year and no TD’s.  Heading to Chicago could get him out of his slump (Prev 6)

5.   2-0 – Eventually, 3 AFC West teams will not be in the top 5 of these rankings.  The Cowboys had no answer for Trevor Siemian.  6 TDs in 2 games and the defense already one of the best.  Sky is the limit, or until Siemian remembers who he is (Prev 8)

6.   1-1 – Didn’t take long for the Patriots to rebound.  Injuries continue to mount but as we know from the past, they seems to get the best out of everyone.  When was the last time they started 0-2 at home?  Anyone? How about the year 2000.  Houston gets there chance to change that on Sunday (Prev 7)

7.   1-1 – They don’t have enough defense to slow down Atlanta still.  Cincinnati’s dreadful offense should give the defense their confidence back (Prev 1)

8.   1-0 – This team is going to be fun to watch offensively.  Just imagine if they had a dynamic running back to go with these weapons.  Mike Evans is becoming elite, quickly.  Tough match up in Minnesota this week (Prev 12)

9.   2-0- Matt Stafford is doing enough to win games for the Lions.  Can he keep pace with Matt Ryan on Sunday?  (Prev 11)

10.   1-1 – It’s always nice after a difficult loss to get Blake Bortles the following week.  Getting Seattle’s defense the next game, can change things quickly.  Mariota needs to get a lead early ( Prev 13)

11.   1-1 – Are the Cowboys really this bad or was it just the altitude in Denver last week.  Did Zeke really give up on his teammates last week?  A showdown in primetime against Arizona can loom large later this season for the loser of that game (Prev 4)

12.   1-0 – Big win after a long hiatus.  Sloppy win and got some help, but Ajayi could be the leading rusher in the league this year behind a healthy line.  Also helps no mistakes from Cutler.  Jets this week will be tough because its a division game, but 2-0 could happen before London trip (Prev 15)

13.   2-0 – Their defense is ridiculous.  +10 in turnover margin this year already.  Can Mike Wallace just please shut up about getting the ball?  (Prev 16)

14.   1-1 – I will chalk that loss up to not having Bradford.  They can be in trouble if he goes out long term.  Will their defense do enough to keep them in the game against the Bucs? (Prev 9)

15.   1-1 – How can a team that wins drop from the top 10?  How about no offense.  This team just can’t seem to get it right up front.  Defense will carry them as usual.  How can you struggle against the Niners at home? (Prev 10)

16.   1-1- The birds took one on the chin in a hard fought game at Arrowhead.  Having the struggling Giants come to their house should put things back on track (Prev 14)

17.   1-1 – It took a lot of time but the comeback against the Colts saved their season (yeah, I know it’s only week 3) but they couldn’t afford to lose.  Big game against Cowboys on primetime (Prev 18)

18.   2-0 – Not very impressive in either win.  Cam Newton doesn’t look right and it seems that Christian McCaffrey is struggling offensively.  This team could be .500 this year but already a third of their win total from last season (Prev 17)

19.   1-1 – Impressive road win against the Rams last week.  Cousins responded well after a rough first game.  They welcome the Raiders to Fed Ex on SNF.  This game will be telling on how they do against an elite team (Prev 21)

20.   1-1 – A boring win against the hapless Bengals last Thursday night moved them up.  JJ Watt is playing great and Deshaun Watson may have some rough spots, but he is much better than Tom Savage (Prev 23)

21.   0-2 – Two games, two losses due to their kicker.  Melvin Gordon has had a rough start to the season but Melvin Ingram is making life hell to opposing QBs.  Time will come when they will learn to win late (Prev 25)

22.   0-2 – Has anyone seen Eli Manning struggle so much.  This offensive line could be historically bad this year and hold back a pretty good defense (Prev 20)

23.   1-1 – Bills struggled mightily against a great Panther defense.  Tyrod Taylor struggled and it gets no easier this week against the Broncos at home (Prev 19)

24.   1-1 – Looking to rebound?  Playing the one of two teams who haven’t scored a touchdown this season may get this team back in first place in the West (Prev 22)

25.   0-2 – This team will have growing pains this year.  Getting beat by a tough Ravens defense was to be expected.  The team hopes Kizer (migraines) will be okay going forward (Prev 26)

26.   1-1 – How long until Blake Bortles sees the bench?  Coughlin has to be chomping at the bit for one of these 2018 QBs (Prev 24)

27.   0-2 – Drew Brees looks old so far this year.  This team could be real bad.  Panthers and then a trip to London (Prev 27)

28.   0-2 – It seems like Trubisky time will come sooner than expected.  The offense struggled big time against the Bucs (Prev 28)

29.   0-2 – A rise from the cellar for playing well before the collapse against the Cards.  Brissett will struggle behind this line of scrimmage (Prev 32)

30.   0-2 – They have shown some competitiveness but the offense continues to struggle.  Home game against the Dolphins didn’t go well last year.  (Prev 30)

31.   0-2 – Kyle Shanahan keeps hoping Matt Ryan walks through his door.  this team is not good and hasn’t score a touchdown yet this season (Prev 31)

32.   0-2 – Speaking of no touchdowns.  The Bengals aren’t even getting AJ Green the ball.  When your team is wanting Kaepernick to start, Dalton has lost his team (Prev 28)

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