Being a lifelong Dolphin’s fan, there are plenty of players that I will always, no matter what be against. Guys like Mario Williams, Fletcher, Jason Allen, Avery, Ginn, Johnny Martin, a slew of others but d̶e̶f̶i̶n̶i̶t̶e̶l̶y̶ ̶n̶o̶t̶ Cecil the Diesel Collins. Anyone who dawns the orange, white and some form of blue can sit and think of former or even current Dolphin’s players who just make us irate. But for me, Jay Ajayi isn’t one of them.

Ajayi, who is partially in Minnesota for a game this weekend but mainly there because he loves a large mall was asked a question about former coach Adam Gase, on the first of worthless and potentially never ending interview type media days that the NFL just love to have because nothing but great answers come out of there.

Ajayi also added this about his feelings about coming from Miami to Philly

“To have come from a team where we were not performing well to a team that was successful and had a great locker room, a brotherhood, and I felt welcomed and appreciated, which was the most important thing for me,” Ajayi told reporters Monday night.

I really don’t think anyone with a rational brain can be to upset with Ajayi. I understand that the book on him in Miami was that he was lazy when it came to understanding the playbook and yes I know that sucks to hear about especially coming from the position of running back, combative with the coaching staff, which probably stems from him and his loose relationship with his playbook, and his inconsistent play this year. All reasons to be annoyed with him but not wish bad things for him. Don’t forget, without him we wouldn’t of sniffed the playoffs let alone make the playoffs last year. The guy balled out and was a major, not the only, but a major reason why the Dolphins surprised the league and made the playoffs in Gase’s first year as coach. It was fun when he was running good. No doubt about it. This year begins and expectations for him and the team are high to repeat if not exceed what they did last year but as we all know that isn’t what happened. The offense struggled, the line struggled and Ajayi struggled. Then Gase went scorch Earth on the team pretty much saying big time players on the team were playing at an 8th grade level and then boom, Jay Ajayi is traded for a 4th round pick to the Eagles. Miami classically underachieves and the Eagles go to the Super Bowl.

So forgive me if Ajayi is laughing on the inside and partially on the outside about how he was on a sinking ship in the beginning of the year to ending up on a billion dollar yacht at the end of the year with a chance to get a ring. I’d be doing the same exact thing. It be weird if you didn’t. And forgive me for not holding a grudge against Ajayi for not being the long term answer at RB. We discovered that Drake can more than hold his own so I’m not upset with the team’s running production since Ajayi got traded. Some would say I should be forever against him for what he caused my body to do the day he got traded. To paraphrase the great former Dolphins RB Ricky Williams; you can’t let a negative person or situation rule your life. You need to let go and move on to bigger and better things. If Ajayi goes on and loses come Sunday, I’m fine with it and if he goes out, plays well and ends up being a part of a championship team that isn’t Miami, I’m fine with that too. Either way, go whoever is playing the Patriots.