Hope you were sitting down when you read this headline. I know it’s a complete shock to hear that Ricky Williams would be throwing a Super Bowl party where he doesn’t want people to bring weed, I’m sorry, cannabis, but that he’s such a great host that he will be providing all the cannabis you can ingest. Not only did he spring for all the pot cannabis but he’ll also be having a masseuse there who can rub cannabis cream into your body in case you’ve grown stale to smoking it. What a guy. Ricky went on to tell TMZ
“I’ve invited my friends,” Williams told TMZ. “Some of my friends can’t acknowledge and advertise that they’re coming because they’re professional athletes, but yeah, I’ll have friends there.
The thing about sports and coming together with people, you should have a way to enjoy yourself, to relax and have a good time,” he added. “So I want to offer this to people who are Ricky Williams fans, who are football fans, and I’m looking forward to it.”

I can’t tell if a party with Ricky Williams and other unnamed professional athletes where there’s unlimited alcohol(absolutely in for that) and cannabis(not my thing and nowhere near allowed based on my profession but if you’re down with it, go right ahead) would be awesome like you’d like to think or if Ricky would have a ton of weird rules and take the whole experience very seriously. I can see it being the kind of situation where you have to take your shoes off, talk about your chi and absolutely not curse at all while you’re food prospects are 6 types of vegetable trays and home made hummus. I’m just happy that Ricky is up for partying with people for the Super Bowl instead of being a doctor in Bane’s prison. A few years ago I could of easily pegged him for a guy who would volunteer for that job. I like my Ricky Williams in this form; out going, hosting parties and supplying all the party accessories.

Full disclosure, Ricky Williams is one of my favorite athletes of all time. I realize that sounds a hair biased due to me being a Dolphin’s fan but he legit fascinates me. A guy who was the league’s best running back and who was willing to give it all up to go and smoke weed. Not something I’d do but if you’re willing to go through everything that goes along with that decision, more power to you. Then come back to the league after a few years layoff, albeit because he needed the money, and be able to perform like he did when he clearly wasn’t the same guy he used to be and put up above average numbers and in one year top 10 numbers was fun to see. He also just seems like an interesting and most importantly genuine guy. He’s no doubt a different cat, but he doesn’t seem like a liar. I’m sure he has some crazy theories about everything but I’d be down for listening. So please, somebody give me $250 dollars and pay my plane ticket to California so I can go to the party so I can ask Ricky about chem trails and Area 51. Money well spent

PS-  I honestly think Ricky had near perfect measurables for a running back. His combination of power, speed and good enough ability to catch the ball would of landed him in the hall of fame if, you know, that whole thing.

PPS- Here’s some obligatory Ricky highlights