UPDATE: Now Being reported the Dolphins will sign Albert Wilson to a 3 year deal worth $24 million

I kinda think most folks thought this was going to be the case once Landry got traded. Well Ian Rapoport, who’s doing his best Adrian Wojnarowski impersonation, just pumped this out

Not sure about you but I wouldn’t be surprised if not many out there are aware who Albert Wilson is. He’s been a WR for the Chiefs for the last 4 years meaning that he was never allowed to the catch the football because that’s just not how the Chiefs roll. In four years he’s had 124 catches, 1,544 yards and 7 TDs. Extremely pedestrian numbers but again, it’s literally a crime to catch passes while also being a WR for Kansas City seemingly for the last 20 years. If signed does he fill the void that Landry’s departure has created? You’d think not but Wilson is more of a speed guy compared to Landry so it be nice to have a guy in the slot who can take it the distance even though Miami already has Jakeem Grant. Still going to be tough to replace the toughness Landry had. Maybe Wilson is a tough as nails and comes in and has been a diamond in the rough for the last four years. That be nice to get one of those. So tough to convince the fans at the moment that you’re giving up Landry, Ajayi and Suh within 5 months and tell them “hey, but we’re getting Albert Wilson.” Tough sell right there.