Here’s a video of me of when I heard that Landry was traded
and that this whole wondering what’s going to become of him was finally over.

Now I may not have crawled of five-hundred yards of s#$t smelling foulness,
but I do feel that my life has been strained the last few weeks trying to
figure out what was going to happen with Jarvis Landry. Today, we finally got
our answer. The Dolphins traded Landry to the Browns for a 4th and 7th round
pick. Sorry to the folks that thought Miami might somehow package their 11th
overall pick and Landry to the Browns for their 4th overall pick, like myself,
or at the very least get a 2nd rd. pick from someone. Nope. They got a 4th and
a 7th for the guy who has caught the most balls ever in their first 4 years in
the league. I guess the rest of the NFL saw right through the million screens
that went nowhere. Sucks because I like many others wanted Landry to stay in
Miami. The guy made plays and was tough as hell. To me, his good outweighed his
bad. Obviously, Miami didn’t think so and obviously the rest of the league
didn’t think he was worth even a 3rd pick. On the surface it looks like Miami
made a terrible deal. Only getting what appears like pennies in return for a
guy hitting his prime who made the last 3 pro-bowls seems like a bad deal for
the Phins. Lotta rumblings that this might lead to them keeping Suh, who’s been
rumored to be getting released come June 1st. Getting rid of Suh would be
another dumb move by this franchise, but it’s Miami so expect dumber, head
scratching moves to follow. Miami now needs a WR along with probably a QB
because it doesn’t seem that Tannehill will be in the mix much longer and the
defense is far from being consistent. So, if you’re a Dolphins fan, you know
this feeling very well. That feeling that your front office once again messed
everything up because no matter who is running the ship, they will always find
an iceberg. That’s the Miami Dolphins.

Jarvis tweeted an all-time lame tweet. Everyone better start understanding that
the Browns are about to get out from an 0-16 season to maybe 3 wins. Can’t wait
until week 6 and he and Josh Gordon are complaining that Tyrod Taylor can’t get
the ball to wide receivers because Tyrod Taylor doesn’t know how to get the
ball to wide receivers. Yep, that’ll be fun