The NFL Draft is one of the greatest times of any football fan’s
year. The possibilities are endless. Your favorite team has the opportunity to
change the future of the franchise all in a couple of days by selecting the correct
players. Much easier said than done as we, Miami Dolphins and just about every
other teams’ fans have found. But, regardless of what happens, there’s no
denying that draft night is a heck of a lot of fun and if you’re into fun and
are legally allowed to consume alcoholic beverages, this NFL Draft drinking
game should be right up your alley. And if you’re one of those folks who don’t
have work on Friday well then good for you. Like I’m jealous and I hate you.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not the first person to think of this idea. I
wish I was but unfortunately, I’m not and there’s nothing wrong with that. I
made a preseason drinking game last year and I had a lot of fun doing it, so I
thought it be fun to one for the NFL Draft. I saw some others on the line this
week and there are some really fun ones out there. When making mine, I did my
best to not take any ideas from any others that I saw but I’ll also admit there
a couple that I already had written down that I then saw on the line. They’re
ones that anybody who has seen a few NFL Drafts could think of, so I figured
I’d include them. Hope y’all like it and of course if you do partake in the
game make for damn sure you’re not driving after playing. Be cool and just stay
at your house or at a friend’s house. Don’t be a dummy and think you’ll be
fine. Be smart about things.

Once For:

announcer says that a guy is a workhorse/has a high motor/student of the
game/leader/has intangibles you can’t teach/does well in the film or class
room/is fiery/freak athlete/a project

announcer says the word “need” or “best player available”

says that Adam Schefter is very busy

 If Trey
Wingo calls Adam Schefter “Schefty”

you see a player who’s at the draft on a phone

Twice For:

announcer uses the phrase “mortgage the future”

time there is a trade

announcer mentions Josh Rosen’s hot tub in his dorm room

announcer mentions how USC QBs don’t pan out or do well in the NFL

announcer says they don’t care about Baker Mayfield’s on the field

 If a
clip of Josh Allen’s 70-yard bomb in the combine

says that Saquan Barkley is a can’t miss prospect

someone says the phrase “Jerry’s World”

 If a
fan base BOOS their own draft pick

Kiper and Todd McShay argue over a player or about anything

mentions that the 2019 QB class is weak

Three For:

If anyone
mentions or if they show a picture of Laremy Tunsil’s gas mask

If anyone
mentions how the Vikings once ran out of time and missed a draft pick

If they
show Rich Eisen’s 40 time

Your Beverage:

If they show
footage of when Aaron Rodgers sat in the green room for hours back in 2005

Roger Goodell waits for BOO’ing to stop before talking

someone bashes a team’s draft day hat

If a
team’s War Room is shown celebrating

So once
again, if you and your friends decide to partake in the game please drink
responsibility. And if you do partake in the game remember to have fun and lets
the odds forever be in your favor

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