What’s up guys! Noah and Mike are back for a conflicted, and confusing episode of Phins Up Phans Down! Truly the epitome of why we decided to make this podcast, while the loss hurts on many levels, there is a lot of good to get into. Noah and Mike get through the injury news, aftermath of the game, the different types of shitty losses you can experience, and then finally dive into the game.

We begin to talk about everything good about the Dolphins for about 3 1/2 quarters of football, and then unfortunately dive into the bad. After the game we dive into some Tannehill talk, and dive right into phins up or phans down.

What essentially boils down to phins up defense, phans down offense, leads us right into talking about the Bears game and giving our predictions.

Vs the Bears

Noah: 24-13 Dolphins

Mike: 14-6 Dolphins

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Phins Up!