OH… MY… GOD…!!!!

Is there anything more to say? Well we try to not JUST gush about the miracle in Miami, but dissect some other aspects of this game. We spend most of the intro just gushing about the game as a whole, giving praise to the defense for shoring up in the 2nd half, and how it seems to be a trend in divisional games to correct your mistakes, while perhaps opening up other weaknesses along the way. (Perhaps a sign of something to come vs the Bills week 17?) We talk playoff hopes now that we’re 7-6 and just the fact that we’re 7-6 despite the injuries we’ve faced in general.

Moving into the game, we talk a lot about the mental mistakes Brady, and the Patriots made, how their run game was ineffective due to our LB’s and DB’s, but gave some heavy criticism to Minkah, and how much we missed X on this game. We talked a lot about the RB’s as a whole, and how each one of them, Gore, Boldin, Drake brought something different to the game. We spent a large amount of time talking about Tannehills future, and how much we respect him for the ironman that he is, and of course the defense for again getting us in position to win this game with 7 seconds remaining.

We talk about our moods at various points in the game, and when we thought we had lost this game, but ultimately all we really do this re-watch is gush about how much we love this game, and talk up our top performers.

Moving past the game, we give our Phins Up and Phans Down rankings:

Phins Up: Kenyan Drake, Ryan Tannehill, the LB’s (Kiko and Raekwon particularly)

Phans Down: Minkah Fitzpatrick, The rest of the CB’s, Mike Gesicki

Finally we wrap up with predictions for our upcoming game!

Vs The Patriots

Noah: 32-22 Vikings

Mike: 27-22 Dolphins

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Phins Up!