10. DeVante Parker- A team would be trading for a guy who has all the physical tools and would only be tied to him for 1 year. Gives you a chance to see if you can fix him and if so you have first shot of re-signing him.

9. Kiko Alonso– He is entering a contract year. He is set to make a little over $6 million. I read a story once that the Cardinals may be interested in Alonso.  So there may be teams who have interest in him cause he is ok and they wouldn’t be tied to him long-term. Could see Miami getting a 6th or 7th rounder for him.

8. Xavien Howard– Don’t want to trade him as he is an elite player. But he would return a high draft pick and that can’t be ignored.  I put him at #8 because I am not sure Miami “wants” to trade him, but he is their most tradable asset on the roster. For the right offer you have to make the deal but I would do everything possible to keep him long-term.

7. Andre Branch-He is entering a contract year and is set to make $9 million. I would rather keep the aging veteran options we have like Wake, Quinn and Hayes over him. Branch has been sold but unspectacular on his best days. There may be a team out there who would part with a late round pick for him.

6. Ryan Tannehill– I do believe Tannehill is worth a late-round pick. Because now that Flacco is headed to Denver, the QB market has weakened a bit and there are only going to be a hand full of teams that are going to pay for Nick Foles (Dolphins won’t be players there.) With Tannehill’s contract, durability issues, and lack of production the pick Miami gets in return will not be in the early rounds. But a mid to late round pick could be had for Tannehill I would think.

5. TJ McDonald– He’s on the book for about $17 million over the next three years which isn’t awful. I’m not opposed to him being traded but I would like to see if we could get anything for Reshad Jones first. The log-jam at safety with Minkah, Jones, and McDonald needs to be blown up and we know Minkah isn’t going anywhere.

4. Bobby McCain-McCain is on the books for around $23 million over the next four years. Honestly, I’m not opposed to him coming back by any means, but if there is a team that offers a fourth-rounder or better for him, I would take it in a heartbeat.

3. Daniel Kilgore– He is set to make $6 million over the next two years. He came through via trade last season from the 49ers. We could probably get a late-round pick for him and if so you make that trade. Aside from Tunsil (and maybe James) the offensive line needs to be blown up and rebuilt.

2. Kenny Stills– He is set to make $15 million over the next two years and he might not be a player in Miami’s long-term plans. He has one trait you cannot teach and that is speed. There will be teams knocking down the door to add a WR like Stills to their team to round out their WR corps. Bring in a burner you can put next to a legit #1 WR and he can be part of a nice 1-2 punch or nice 1-2-3 punch depending on the team and what else they have at WR. Stills isn’t a #1 WR so what you get in return is questionable, but he would be easy to trade as many teams would want him.

1. Reshad Jones-He is on the books for about $46 million over the next four years. He has had some injury issues of late, he is on the wrong side of 30, and will not be someone who is part of Miami’s long-term vision. He is a player though who could join a contender tomorrow and  transform their defense. A type of player that could drastically improve a defense overnight.  I would think a team like KC would be knocking down Miami’s door to add a player like Jones. I think Miami could get a Day 2 pick for someone like Reshad Jones and if so Miami has to make that trade.