Super bowl LIV will take place on February 2nd, 2020, at Hard Rock Stadium. This will make it the eleventh Super Bowl hosted in South Florida, and the sixth hosted in Miami overall. It’s no secret that the host team will NOT be making a trip to the game. With the worst loss in franchise history behind us, and this season being in full tank mode, the Miami Dolphins will not be making any super bowls for a very long time.

However, ladies and gentlemen, I am not here to beat a dead horse. The media had a field day after that embarrassing loss. I’m not going to add onto that pile of garbage. What I will talk about is the only Super Bowl that matters.


Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will be making a trip to South Florida this upcoming Sunday. With a career record of 7-10, Tom Brady has had struggles south of the border. Mr. Phenomenal has lost five of his last six games in Miami, including a 34-33 stunner last season after time expired. With the Patriots poised to make another trip to the Super Bowl, and the Dolphins poised to receive the 1st overall pick in this year’s draft, this is, Dolphin fans, our only hoo-rah for the season.

We. Have. To. Win. The Patriots have dominated the whole AFC East this millennium. But there’s something about that Miami Magic that has ole Brady shook.

This is our Super Bowl. The Miami Bowl. The one game of the season that every Dolphin fan looks forward to. It’s the one chance we have every year to prove that Mr. Sunshine and Rainbows is only human. And by God we must do it again this year. We must.

No matter how many games we lose this season, no matter how many times we get dragged by the media, if we can win just this one game. Then this season will not be a complete failure.