Finally, the NFL draft is almost here with three weeks to go. This is probably the biggest draft that I can ever recall for the Miami Dolphins. Some might say it’s the biggest in franchise history and it’s hard not to argue that. This team has become irrelevant and hit rock bottom, now it’s time for the team to be built back up and not only become relevant but become a contender to bring this once proud franchise back to its glory day. The Dolphins for the first time since 1992 own multiple first round picks and next year they own multiple first round picks as well so if there was ever a chance for this team to get back to their glory days it starts this year.

The Dolphins are looking for a franchise quarterback to lead this team since Dan Marino retired 20 years ago. They have failed to find that guy. With the 5th pick, they will have options and they will have options to trade up as well. However, I don’t believe the Dolphins should move up because this team still has a lot of holes on this team. Unless the Dolphins can move up without giving up a great deal meaning not more than 1 first round pick then they shouldn’t move up. The teams around the NFL know the Dolphins are looking for a franchise quarterback, but they also know they have most draft picks in the first two round of the draft the next couple years and will try to use that to their advantage. That’s where general manager Chris Grier will have to be careful. Does he risk most of his draft capital for one player knowing he has massive holes on the offensive line and other positions? Grier made some calculated moves last year trading Laremy Tunsil for 2 first round picks and a second-round pick. Then trading Minkah Fitzpatrick for a first-round pick to put this team in position to build a solid foundation for years to come.


Grier was able to make the Tunsil deal because he found a team in the Houston Texans that were desperate. They were so desperate they gave Grier an offer that no one could refuse with multiple first round picks and a second. The teams ahead of the Dolphins, the Cincinnati Bengals, Washington Redskins, and Detroit Lions, are trying to get the Dolphins to make a desperate move. That is where Grier has to be careful. He doesn’t want to give up a lot, but he doesn’t want another team to jump ahead of him to get a quarterback he wants. The question is who would jump ahead of the Dolphins? The only team I see is the Los Angeles Chargers because they need a quarterback after letting Philip Rivers go, but they don’t have the extra draft picks. However, they have a team that is ready to win now, and they might not draft this high again to get a quarterback so they may feel the time is now. The Dolphins aren’t a team ready right now to contend so they need to keep building. Let the Chargers make a desperate move like the Texans did last year when they gave up the draft picks for Tunsil.

The one thing that might help the Dolphins is what’s going on with the coronavirus. Teams have shut down their facilities and prospects can’t travel. The quarterback linked to the Dolphins since last year is Tua Tagovailoa and he’s recovering from his broken hip back in November, but teams can’t check up on his medical right now. They did get a glimpse at the NFL combine last month, but a lot can change, and they can’t work him out so there is some unknown right now because of this crisis in our country. This could benefit the Dolphins. With the medical issue and not being able to see Tua in person, he could slip to pick 5 assuming nobody trades up or another quarterback is taken before him. If that’s the case the Dolphins would have their choice of Tua, Justin Herbert, or Jordan Love. If the Dolphins have similar draft grades for each quarterback, then there is no reason to trade up frankly unless the like one more than the other. Each of these quarterbacks come with their upside and downside, but that’s the case every year and it’s a crap shoot picking.


Like I said the Dolphins have a ton of holes on this team especially on the offensive line. They still need to find at least one offensive tackle in this draft. The best tackles are found in the first round and with the Dolphins not finding one in free agency why not keep your other first round picks to get an offensive tackle? The Dolphins could trade one of their other first round picks to move up a few spots and not give up as much to get one. The Dolphins need to get offensive line help to protect their young quarterback to keep him upright. The Dolphins also have other needs at running back, defensive tackle, pass rusher, and even safety so they aren’t one player away from becoming a contender. They are players away from becoming one.

The Dolphins did a lot in free agency now they have to find more players in the draft and with the bounty of picks at their disposal. If the Dolphins can, they should keep most of their picks especially in the first couple rounds to keep building their team. It’s the biggest priority to find the franchise quarterback, but if you make a big deal and mortgage the future and turn out to be wrong the Dolphins will be stuck as a bottom feeder in the NFL. They need to find quality players around whoever they pick at quarterback and this year and next is the time to do it.