The Miami Dolphins are off to a slow start at 0-2. I must say I’m not totally surprised they are 0-2. With all of the roster turnover from last year through free agency and the draft, I thought it would take time for some of the units, like the offensive line and defense, to get into sync. On top of that with the COVID pandemic, the NFL and the players association agreed to no in-person mini camps or preseason games. I thought particularly no preseason would hurt the Dolphins early in the season. With all of the change on the roster, this team could have benefited from some preseason games.


I know every team is going through this and that’s true. However, the Dolphins’ first two opponents, the New England Patriots, and the Buffalo Bills had one thing in common. They both had continuity on most of their roster especially on the offensive line for both teams. I know the Patriots lost players in free agency and have a new quarterback in Cam Newton, but the team still has Bill Belichick and his staff, as well as the same secondary, which was the best in the league last year, and the same skill position players returning. However, no one knew what they had in Newton because he had been hurt the last two years and this was going to be a different offense than the one under Tom Brady. The Dolphins struggled mightily to contain Newton and his running ability. Plus, the offensive line dominated the new looked defense which struggled with communication and assignments all common for teams that add a lot of players in one offseason.

The Bills were coming off a playoff appearance last year and with the addition of Stephon Diggs, expectations are high for them to take the next step. For the second week in a row, the Dolphins defense failed to match up with the Bills offense. This time the Bills made their plays in the passing game and the Dolphins failed to put any pressure on Bills quarterback Josh Allen. He had all day to throw and had a career day passing.


The Dolphins played hard in both games but came up short in the end. I was talking to my friend, a Bills fan, just before the season and I told him I’m afraid that with no preseason the Dolphins will be better, but could easily start 0-2 because the Patriots and Bills having more continuity on their roster it would give them the advantage over the Dolphins. However, you have to play them both twice and it’s just the way the schedule ended up. It’s not like college football where you can schedule some nonconference cupcakes.

I do know the Dolphins are a better team this year than last year when they were 0-2. Heck last year the way the season started I wasn’t sure we would win a game honestly. This year the Dolphins will win some games, but it’s going to take time for their new players to come together. It’s one reason I think most experts feel the Dolphins are a year away.


One positive in the first two games is the Dolphins offensive line isn’t getting overmatched like a year. I don’t see lineman getting pushed into the backfield or not giving the quarterback time to throw. That’s a good step, but more improvement is needed like opening more running lanes for the running backs.


I think the defense will get better as the season progresses as well as the rest of the team. There are 14 games to go and I feel the Dolphins will get better each game. It won’t be easy, but coach Brian Flores got this team out of a major funk to start last year and they kept working to win 5 of their last 9 games. I believe the team will get better and the wins will come once they get out of their growing pains of coming together.