I wanted to write an article about the Dolphins all of last week and earlier this week, but I felt like I couldn’t. I felt that way because I was so angry at Chris Grier. I could not believe we had not signed Terron Armstead. The Bengals made their move on La’el Collins, who is a right tackle, and I was salty. Tua is a lefty quarterback so signing Collins made a lot of sense. I became scared that the Dolphins would not get Armstead and leave Tua out there to be hunted once again.

Trent Brown went off the market soon after Collins. It became Armstead or bust. There was no way the Dolphins could go through this off-season and not get a tackle after last season. They took so long that I wondered if they believed in Tua. I felt like if they didn’t sign Armstead, then that meant they’d given up on Tua and were tanking again. After all, we did have the most money to spend at the start of free agency.

I’m ashamed to admit that I suggested the Dolphins fire, Chris Grier.

He did blunder the 2020 draft pretty badly with Noah Igbinoghene and Austin Jackson. I may have even gone as far to try and start a fire Chris Grier hashtag on Twitter. I have since deleted all of those tweets. I only left them up for an hour, but I did it. I’m guilty.

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Once the news came in that we got Terron Armstead, I was ecstatic. The truth is that I loved all of the signings Grier made in the off-season up to that point. With Armstead, this was a home run of an off-season. I like the Cedric Wilson signing; significant upgrade over Parker, in my opinion. He’s a guy that has some natural athleticism.

We also took another Dallas Cowboy and got Connor Williams, who I think is a beast. He was getting the best of Aaron Donald a few years ago in a scrimmage and fought him. Any guy who can get the best of Aaron Donald and isn’t scared to fight him can protect my QB any day of the week. We also got some great speed in the backfield with Raheem Mostert and Chase Edmonds. We resigned almost everybody I wanted us to. So, at this point, I’m thinking ok great off-season, maybe we should sign Julio. We have to trade up to get a wide receiver in the first round.

This was when Chris Grier said hold my beer; we traded for Tyreek Hill!!

Miami stand up; we have a football team. We’re going after a super bowl. I could cry; we’ve waited so long. We deserve this; we need this. We went through so many hard times. We traded up to get Dion Jordan. We picked Ryan Tannehill. We picked Minkah Fitzpatrick instead of Lamar Jackson. We chose Daunte Culpepper over Drew Brees. We suffered for over 20 years, but everything is ok now. All of the horrible memories were for a moment like this. It wouldn’t feel this good if it wasn’t for all of the pain. Chris Grier, you blew our socks off. I was hoping for a shiny rookie, and instead, you gave me the most dynamic player in the NFL. 

I’m sorry I ever doubted you, Mr. Grier. I believe that Mike Mc Daniel may be the ultimate reason for this greatness. According to Omar Kelly from the sun sentinel, Chris Grier is heavily influenced by his head coaches. That is not a direct quote; that’s just what I picked up from his tweets. That makes me think that the future is bright. I am happy that Brian Flores is gone and Mike Mc Daniel is here. This is the biggest thing that has happened to the Dolphins in years. He’s our biggest fish since Ricky Williams, and I think Tyreek Hill might be a bigger deal. This is the most excited I have ever been for a Dolphins season. I’ve felt jealous of other cities where the football team is good for so long. It feels good to be relevant. I’ve never had this feeling before, and I’ve been a Dolphins fan my whole life. (27 years old) This is what it feels like to be relevant and for the NFL community to take your team seriously.


Thank you, Chris Grier.