The Miami Dolphins opened the 2022 season with a victory. A victory that looked very much like every other victory the Dolphins have had the past two seasons.

A suffocating Dolphins defense leading the way, and the Dolphins offense doing “just enough” to get by.

New Head Coach

New Wide Receivers

New Offensive Linemen

Same Dolphins offensive result

Two things can be true at the same time: We can be happy Miami won the game, and we can also be honest enough to say this offense, with all the new flashy toys, had just one touchdown drive the entire game.

This game was Tua in a nutshell, as he enters year three now. He didn’t turn it over; he didn’t make any really bad plays. On the other hand, he didn’t make any great plays either. He had some questionable decisions (especially late in the game). He was fine….yep, fine.

Fine is good enough some weeks. Not sure “Fine” will bring you to the playoffs or a Super Bowl.

His numbers on the stat sheet look good, but if you watched the game, the eyeball test told a different story.

Again, not bad. Just OK.

I know many Tua supporters who can never admit he is ever at fault will run through the excuses of bad offensive line play, he had no time, and there were some drops. That happened today to Tua, and it happened to every other quarterback in the league for the most part.

The offensive line wasn’t horrid like last year; it was good at times and poor at others.

The offense just never got going, and it was a blah performance.

What wasn’t blah was Miami’s two best playmakers.  Tyreek Hill, and Jaylen Waddle were outstanding.

Chase Edmonds looks like a workhorse running back for this team, and even though his yards per carry average was low, I was impressed with what I saw. Sometimes stats don’t tell the entire story.

On defense, Jevon Holland, Brandon Jones, Zach Sieler, Emmanuel Ogbah, and company led the way. It was nice to see Melvin Ingram get a touchdown in his first game with the team.

This game was essentially over at halftime because the Patriots’ offense was a non-factor for most of this game and not a threat to put up many points or have multiple scoring drives.

At 1-0, the Dolphins go up in class the next few weeks when they play Baltimore, Buffalo, and Cincinnati. This offensive performance we saw today won’t cut it against those teams.