It’s been over two decades since Dan Marino retired and it’s felt like Miami has been spinning its wheels at quarterback ever since. Until now.

In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock, the trade deadline has come and gone and the Dolphins were aggressive. Trading their only first-round pick in the 2023 NFL draft, as well as RB Chase Edmonds to Denver, they landed a big fish (pun not intended) in OLB Bradley Chubb.

They weren’t finished as they also dealt a fifth-rounder to the Niners for RB Jeff Wilson Jr. Moves like these clearly show the front office and coaching staff believe this team is not only a contender in the future but also right now. You may ask, what does that have to do with Tua? My answer is it has everything to do with Tua because Miami has effectively given up most of its ammunition to replace him in the coming draft.

They clearly believe this roster is ready to compete at the highest level right now, with Tua at the helm. They are signaling that they believe they finally have the long-awaited answer for a franchise quarterback in Tagovailoa. And why shouldn’t they? Consider what Tua has done this season, he is 1st in Passer Rating (112.7), 1st in YPA, 1st in QBR, 3rd in Completion % (69.9), 4th in Win % (.883), 3rd in TD % (6.5), and 7th in Yards per Game (279.7). Not to mention the Dolphins are undefeated in games that he finishes this season.

So while I believe we should be excited about these new additions to the team, we should be equally excited about the prospect of having a true franchise QB. Because the Dolphins are clearly telling the fans that the QB question is answered.