Tyreek Hill over the weekend said he will break the NFL Record of 2,000 receiving yards in 2023, and the Dolphins will win the Super Bowl.

You know what? That isn’t far-fetched.

Tyreek had 1,710 receiving yards in 2022, and Tua missed five games and played concussed/injured in two others.

Not to pile on and say Teddy Bridgewater and Skylar Thompson were not very good, but their shortcomings were evident when Miami had the ball on offense. And if Tua were on the field for those five games, it isn’t crazy to believe Tyreek may have broken the 2,000-yard mark last season. So, I can see why Tyreek believes he will break the record this season, or at least believes he can.

But, for Tyreek to have a chance at the record, he will need Tua to stay healthy and on the field, and that is one thing he can’t control.

Regarding Tyreek’s other prediction of a Miami Dolphins Super Bowl, that should be the goal this year.

Miami has one of the best rosters in the NFL, and if they don’t have eyes on the Super Bowl. It isn’t an off-the-wall or crazy prediction by any means.

If he played for Atlanta, Houston, Arizona, or the Rams, yeah he would sound like a crazy person on a podcast spouting off about crazy things.

So, if Tyreek wants to book his family flights and make hotel reservations for Las Vegas in early February, he should. But, just like the 2,000 receiving yard prediction, it really does come down to Tua. If Tua misses five games again this year, Tyreek can book himself and his family a trip to Tanzania because heading to the Super Bowl is just unrealistic. 

The bigger point is it’s just not Tyreek who should have this type of outlook and confidence heading into the season. The Dolphins have put together one of their most talented rosters ever. On both sides of the ball, the Dolphins have future hall-of-fame players (Tyreek and Ramsey), and expectations are high, as they should be.

Will Tyreek Hill break 2,000 yards receiving? I don’t know. Will the Dolphins go to or win the Super Bowl? Who knows.

But, if one or both happens, nobody should be surprised because both have a very realistic chance of happening.