The opening game week for the Miami Dolphins is veering ever closer, meaning that fans of the former two-time Superbowl winners will not have to wait much longer to watch their favorite stars in action once again.

The 2023/24 NFL season is already shaping up to be one of the most highly anticipated in recent Dolphins history due to the roster being widely considered as one of the premier teams in the entire AFC and as a lively contender for a place in the Superbowl.

Dolphins fans are well and truly counting down the days, and maybe even minutes, until their intriguing opening week fixture against fellow AFC juggernauts in the LA Chargers, as well as other intense divisional contests against bitter rivals New York Jets, New England Patriots, and Buffalo Bills.

However, the opening week of the NFL regular season is still a few weeks away with many fans often finding intuitive ways to pass the time until their trip to SoFi Stadium against the aforementioned Chargers.

If you’re a Dolphins fan who is still looking for ways to kill time until the beginning of the new NFL season, here are some interesting hobbies that you can undertake before watching the highly exciting combination of Tua and Tyreek in action ahead of game week one.

  • Checking out online games:

Ahead of the NFL season, there are numerous popular online NFL-related games available for enjoyment. Of course, there is a wide variety of non-NFL-related online games that are worth trying. These games are certain to enhance the overall competitiveness of football fans.

These choices are guaranteed to keep your anticipation for the new season at its peak, while also allowing you to showcase your skills in the virtual realm across a variety of popular online games.

Furthermore, as online gaming continues to rise in popularity, online casinos are also gaining traction and offering a full sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus for any online betting outing that sparks your interest.

  • Setup your fantasy league and roster:

One of the many virtual sporting outlets that have kept fans entertained throughout the season is the addition of a fantasy league that allows players to craft their very own roster that is designated to the success that their players can generate in real-life encounters on the field.

Fantasy league allows fans to truly showcase their GM skills and knowledge within the game against their friends or other football fans from rivalling teams.

When it comes to the best selections that represent the Dolphins, fans are completely spoilt for choice!

From an offense that includes Tua at QB and his talented WR partners in All-Pro selection Tyreek Hill and future star Jaylen Waddle, to a defense that includes several intriguing names such as Xavien Howard, Vic Fangio, and the recent addition of All-Pro Corner Jalen Ramsey, it can be expected that many fantasy players will be selecting plenty of Dolphins’ stars during the Drafting of their roster.


  • Enjoying the Miami summer:

The summer months in Southern Florida are certainly one of the most scorching in the entire nation, which can allow any locals to spend more time outdoors and enjoy the various events that are often on display throughout the state’s most vibrant city.

Some of the various leisure’s to enjoy can include heading down to the Miami coastline and taking part in the many water sports activities that are offered to both tourists and locals.

Whether you’re into kayaking or jet skiing, there is plenty of fun to be had whilst at the beach when spending time out with friends or family.

The city itself also provides plenty of paths for skateboarders or cyclists around the downtown area which can include numerous great views of the coast and its surrounding region.

Miami is also a tremendous destination for nightlife for those that love to party, which is sure to be a great destination for any potential Superbowl after-party events.

Overall, there is plenty to enjoy in and around the city of Miami for any locals or those visiting that also share an affiliation with the Dolphins franchise.

Perhaps there could not be a better destination for all football fans to enjoy throughout the offseason as they await the start of the 2023/24 NFL regular season.


While there is still a short while to wait before the opening contests of the new NFL regular season, Dolphins fans can still pass the time by enjoying the various amounts of amenities that are provided both on a virtual and practical basis.

Nothing can beat the palpable amount of hype and high expectations that proceeds the Dolphins heading into the new season, yet there remain plenty of hobbies that are well worth undertaking whilst awaiting that much-anticipated opening snap and the returning combination of Tua connecting with a touchdown pass to Tyreek in the endzone that could see the Dolphins return to AFC East stardom.