As a continuation of my last article regarding Miami Dolphins players, I’d be willing to move on from this off-season; I have a few players who I feel could be in a make-or-break year this off-season also. As a disclaimer, Tua Tagovailoa is not one of those players. We all know Tua has to stay healthy and stay consistent. It’s an overrun conversation that I won’t bother to bore you with. But here are three players (other than Tua) with something to prove in 2023.


  • David Long Jr.: I know you may need clarification as to why David Long Jr. is on this list. I know we just signed him to a 2-year 11, 11-million-dollar deal this off-season, but this season still feels like an audition for the 4-year veteran. Of course, staying healthy is a must for him, but I don’t see Miami moving on from Long if he misses any time. Not in his 1st season, anyway. Long does need to prove he can be consistent since he could be handed the reigns of the linebacker core next season. Vic Fangio needs to trust him, and David Long Jr. will have to earn that trust during this season.

  • Bradley Chubb: The Miami Dolphins gave up a 1st draft pick for Bradley Chubb when they were already slim with picks to begin with. They also gave Chubb a 5-year deal. That speaks volumes to how much they believe in him and want him to be one of the staples in this defense for years to come. While Chubb had a monster game, the beginning of his tenure in Miami has been fairly quiet. It’s not that he isn’t producing, but his production hasn’t equaled what Miami gave up to trade for him. Granted, he came in the middle of the season last year, and it may have been an adjustment for him. But with Chubb’s former coach, Vic Fangio, whom Chubb had his best season with regarding statistics, he may have no other excuses left if he doesn’t produce. It’s worth noting that things could be looking up for him after his monster game against the New England Patriots. Hopefully, this wasn’t a one-off productive game, and it’s the type of play we should expect to see from Bradley Chubb for the rest of his time in Miami.

  • Terron Armstead:   You may ask, “Why would Miami’s 4-time Pro Bowl and 2-time All-Pro Left Tackle have anything to prove this season?” Many fans are frustrated with Armstead’s lack of availability because he is a staple to this offensive line. Before the season started, the offensive line was a huge concern amongst the media and fans alike. Luckily, the offensive line has made Chris Grier look like a prophet after stating that fans were more concerned about the line than the front office and coaches were. After two games, the offensive line has only allowed one sack and two QB hits. The line has played well and exceeded expectations…without Terron Armstead. This could be credited to good depth, specifically Kendall Lamm. The problem is that Miami signed Armstead to a 5-year 75 million, 75-million-dollar deal, and you want your 75-million-dollar Left Tackle on the field. Of course, Miami was aware of Armsteads’s health issues from the past, having not played a full season for most of his career, and didn’t let his age deter them from giving him a contract for five years. But is his contract worth a few games a season if the line is more than serviceable in his absence? Availability is the best ability. Terron Armstead needs to stay healthy, and his team needs to be able to count on him, especially with the high expectations placed on this team. Unless Miami plans to extend swing tackle Kendall Lamm as a depth piece soon, I think it’s a huge possibility he will go elsewhere next off-season and earn himself a starting job and a bigger bag. If I were Miami, I’d draft a Left Tackle and groom him to be Armstead’s replacement sooner rather than later if Armstead can’t prove he can stay healthy.