Let me start by saying this: Miami Dolphins fans celebrate. For what seems like forever, we finally have a SOLID offensive line, the best receiver in the league, and Tua, who is playing like the best quarterback in the league. So take these next few days to celebrate because, boy, do we deserve it.

There is nothing to say about what the Dolphins did during Sunday’s game. The offensive numbers speak for themselves. They broke virtually every franchise record; they almost broke the NFL record for most points scored in a game. Thankfully, McDaniel knelt, which I thought was a classy move. I was uber-impressed with Achane and Mostert. I believe they really exploited the Broncos’ defense with their blazing speed; the numbers speak for themselves.

Tua and Tyreek, of course, did their usual thing, playing virtually lights out. Tyreek had one drop in the end zone that I think he’d like to have back, but other than that, he was his usual self. Tua had more touchdowns than incompletions. It is starting to become a trend where the offensive line is actually outstanding. I love Lamm, but a healthy Armstead’s impact on this team was shown on the field Sunday. Hopefully, his injury report and Williams and Cracraft are clean.


The defense definitely takes the back seat to the offense in this one. The defense did the job. Hard to get mad at that. It seems like every week, the defense is jelling better with Fangio’s system, which is awesome to see. One of the biggest standouts to me was Jevon Holland. That man is a stud. At the time, I was questioning the pick as I wanted Jevonte Williams so badly, but Grier hit that pick out of the park. Easily a top-ten safety in the league, maybe even top 3.

Looking forward, the Dolphins have a tough matchup against the Bills. The Bills defense is the real deal, and the Dolphins offense is a buzzsaw. Something is going to have to give. I cannot wait for this matchup.

As always, FINS UP and enjoy this week, Dolphins fans; we all deserve it!