After an incredible first week of the football season, the Dolphins are heading to Foxborough for a divisional game against the New England Patriots. Over the years, these two teams have been intertwined in a passionate rivalry. Surrounded by Patriots fans during my childhood, hearing trash talk about the Dolphins was a frequent occurrence. Growing up during the Patriots’ dynasty run was brutal. Watching the Patriots win multiple Super Bowls while the Dolphins cemented themselves as one of the greatest laughing stocks in the NFL was demoralizing. In some way, the Miami Dolphins still live under the shadow of the New England Patriots, but this is beginning to change.

The Dolphins lead the Patriots in all-time wins, 60-55. From 2002 to 2020, the Patriots have decreased Miami’s win lead significantly, taking 25 of the last 36 games played during that time. This included a stretch where the Dolphins didn’t get a win against the Patriots for almost three years. Undoubtedly, the Patriots had one of the greatest runs in NFL history. This run occurred as I began cultivating my love for the Miami Dolphins. Some may have jumped ship and given up hope. Being a true fan can tell a lot about a person. Having loyalty and commitment to a losing team is hard. Being patient as a fan is rewarding, and now we have the privilege to watch as the Dolphins turn the tables on the Patriots.

Tua Tagovailoa is currently 4-0 against Bill Belichick and the Patriots. The team’s only win against the Dolphins came in a game started by Teddy Bridgewater and finished by Skyler Thompson. With momentum shifting in Miami’s favor, brighter days seem ahead. The Dolphins have built a star-studded team with X-factor players on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Meanwhile, Bill Belichick has continued with his strategy of team building, finding solid contributors through the draft and developing them into serviceable players. The defense has shown to be a difficult opponent for teams around the league. New England’s running game is potent and will aim to attack Miami’s soft run defense. The Patriots have historically been the kryptonite of the Dolphins. Will Bill find a way to slow down this electric offense, and will the running attack open holes in Miami’s defensive front? Sunday night is shaping up to be a must-watch football.

In the NFL, winning is everything. No one knows how the rest of the season will play out for Miami. Will we truly be satisfied with this team, or will they fall short again? Regardless of how 2023 ends, a win on Sunday night against the Patriots will be fulfilling.

Dealing with bad memories and toxic fans has grown a deep hatred in my heart for the Patriots. There is nothing I enjoy more than watching them lose. However, I have also learned to love them. The bottom line is that I wouldn’t have the love I have for the Dolphins if I didn’t have an equal hatred for the Patriots. We all love football. “If yin can’t exist without yang, then the Dolphins aren’t truly the Dolphins without the Patriots.”