Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: The Kyle Brandt Story

In a world where many people with little to no talent become rich and famous (i.e., look at TikTok each day), they probably should band together and elect a leader. And if there is someone who has climbed the mountain of “No Talent but Got Famous” faster than anyone who is qualified to lead this group, it has to be Kyle Brandt from the NFL Network.

And before everyone starts to pile on me for writing this because Kyle said “bad things about the Dolphins.” Let me stop you in your tracks because this has nothing to do with that. And to be clear,

  • The Bills are better than the Miami Dolphins.
  • The Dolphins have a long way to go to be a real contender in the AFC East, the AFC, and the NFL to win a Super Bowl.
  • I am not saying this because Brandt is a Bills-homer who walks around with a cold chicken wing in his pocket at the NFL draft and goes into his pro wrestler persona on stage to get a reaction.

I am writing this column because what Kyle Brandt did on Monday morning on the NFL Network’s declining Good Morning Football is literally creating a strawman argument to only come out against it to paint the Dolphins in a bad light. Don’t believe me? Watch the clip below.

If you want to know what bullshit sounds like, you just heard it for fifty-three seconds. Brandt “claimed” that Dolphins players and coaches last week went around saying they revolutionized offense in the NFL, that Tua was bragging about throwing a no-look pass. They were bragging about using pre-snap motion only to come out and attack the Dolphins for such a thing.

But as they say, never let the truth get in the way of a good story, because this just in: NO MIAMI DOLPHINS PLAYER OR COACH SAID ANY SUCH THING! 

Buffalo Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott said last week that the Miami Dolphins offense was “almost revolutionary,” again, clip below. Brandt took McDermott’s words and attributed them to the Dolphins’ coaches and players, only to attack the Dolphins.  I hate the term “FAKE NEWS,” but this is the textbook definition of FAKE NEWS.

And I am sure last week there were other analysts on the NFL Network, ESPN, FS1, or NBC Sports may have been proclaiming the Dolphins offense after their 70-point performance as “revolutionary,” but it sure as hell wasn’t Mike McDaniel, Tua, Tyreek, or anyone else on the Miami Dolphins roster. So, to attribute those words to them is disingenuous, misleading, and poor journalism.

For those who turned into the NFL Network on Monday, October 2nd, who aren’t Dolphins fans or who didn’t see McDermott’s quote the week, you would assume this man on TV wouldn’t be spewing mistruths and making stuff up. And if you heard him say what he said in the clip above, you would be like, screw the Miami Dolphins for being so arrogant for bragging about having a good offense and Tua bragging about throwing a no-look pass.

  • Create a false narrative
  • Come out against it
  • Spread misinformation to the masses

This is NFL “journalism” in the age of 2023. Be loud, don’t be correct. That is Kyle Brandt.

Good Morning Football is tanking in the ratings. They are the 2nd lowest-rated show on all of the NFL Network, and most days, they fall under 100,000 viewers, and only on a good day do they crack that number. With the misinformation Brandt is spreading, one has to wonder, once the NFL Network executives and Brian Rolapp wake up, will they decide the show needs to be freshened up, the cast needs to be shuffled, and some new fresh faces?  Will Kyle be one of the first to be let go? Time will tell.

And for those of you reading this saying, “WHO THE HELL IS KYLE BRANDT?” Great question.

Kyle got his start on the reality show MTV’s The Real World. From there, he had a short sting on NBC’s Days of our Lives. After that, he was a writer/producer for The Jim Rome radio show before moving to CBS Sports Network. Then he caught his big break on the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football. He also had an ESPN show recently called “Kyle Brandt’s Basement,” but ESPN finally decided to cancel that program.

So, yes, every morning, for the few of you who still turn into this show, know that man yelling and screaming into the microphone is a reality television star who had a few years on a soap opera. In the famous words of former Colts general manager  Bill Tobin, Mel Kiper Kyle Brandt has no more credentials to do what he’s doing than my neighbor, and my neighbor’s a postman, and he doesn’t even have season tickets to the NFL.”