I know, I know, the title of this column may be a little harsh, but to me, this is a serious question. Why is Liam Eichenberg still a member of the Miami Dolphins?

Liam was a 2nd round pick in 2021, and Chris Grier gave up a 3rd round pick to move up eight spots to get him. So, I understand the investment Miami made to acquire Eichenberg up front. And I know it’s tough for general managers, in any sport, to admit they were wrong and move on at times.

But we have seen it all out of Liam after last week. Since 2021, we have now seen Liam fail at literally all five positions on the offensive line.

He failed at left tackle

He failed at left guard

He failed at right tackle

He failed at right guard

and now he has failed at center

What is left?

The lightbulb hasn’t gone off for Liam at any position and he has failed. And I am sure he is working hard; he’s trying his best. Hey, I’m not questioning his work ethic or dedication. But the results just aren’t there. He can’t get the job done.

And in reality, I am less upset at Liam and more upset at the decision-makers who are keeping him here. At what point do you cut ties and just move on?

And whose bright idea was it to move him to backup center when he has never played center before or snapped the ball before? I mean, are we just looking for ways to not move on from him and keep him? And oh yeah, when he was finally forced into playing him at center last week, he ended up getting Terron Armstead injured. So, how did that work out for all parties involved?

And I know, whenever I bring this topic up, people run to the, “Well, the salary cap hit if we cut him is big, so it makes no sense, and we have to keep him.”

My response to that is SHUT UP! Seriously, shut up; that is the most cop-out answer there is.

One, the salary cap hit isn’t that big, as he is still on his rookie contract. Second, if you can’t play, you can’t play. And Liam has proved he can’t play, so all he is doing is taking away a roster spot from someone who can play and may be able to contribute to this team winning games.

There are beat reporters who are at every practice during training camp who tell people, “he really isn’t that bad, and fans are too rough on him.” My answer to that is I don’t care what he does in practice.

Practice doesn’t count; in games, he stinks!

The bottom line is this: any time there is an injury, and we have to play Liam, nobody with a straight face can say they have confidence in Liam on the field. And if Butch Barry, Frank Smith, Chris Grier, or Mike McDaniel say they do have confidence in playing Liam…I call bullshit. They are lying to you.

Liam can’t help you, even as a backup. We have enough of a sample size as proof of that.

Sometimes, you have to write off a loss and move on.

Miami needs to move on from Liam Eichenberg…now!