Social media is many things these days and as of Wednesday, add scheduling and NFL flex fighting to the undercard. A New Year’s Eve main event will be scheduled for Sunday Night in a bit over a week. The Miami Dolphins travel to play the Baltimore Ravens in Week 17, which is currently scheduled for 1:00. However, with the potential importance of that game for AFC playoff seeding ramifications, talk has turned to making this battle a Sunday Night Football game. Before anything, as per NFL rules, league officials must decide on the time of the game at least six days prior, which means fans will know definitively by Christmas Day.

So until then, let’s have some fun!

On Tuesday morning, podcaster Stephen Daniels posted a tweet that flew all the way into the Baltimore Mayor’s nest.

Baltimore’s Mayor, Brandon Scott, apparently didn’t let this Tweet fly under his Raven Radar.

The playful banter continued as Daniels took the opportunity to remind Scott about last season’s Dolphins comeback win against the Ravens in a September game.

As the saga continues, the next few days will run wild with speculation on whether or not this game will be flexed to a certain time, if at all. In the meantime, the news cycle has taken advantage of this story, and on Wednesday its momentum continued in a piece from WBAL News Radio’s website written by Kim Dacey.

It seems as if Mayor Scott will welcome the opportunity for his city to host both a Sunday Night Football game as well as a New Year’s Eve bash in Baltimore. As Dacey states in the article, fans and residents of the city have varying opinions, but one thing is for sure. Regardless of the time of this game and no matter what, there will be plenty of fireworks in Baltimore on December 31st when Tua Tagovailoa and the Dolphins face Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. This is a game that is looking like it will shape the course of the AFC Playoffs and even 2024.