As the NFL regular season climaxes, football fanatics eagerly anticipate the epic showdown between the Miami Dolphins and the Baltimore Ravens at the iconic M&T Bank Stadium this Sunday. With both teams having great records, let us closely examine some of the aspects that might make the Dolphins or the Ravens come out on top.

Dolphins in the Lead

The ground duel promises to be a spectacle as the Miami Dolphins unleash their three-headed monster featuring Jeff Wilson Jr. The Dolphins did great in the last moments against the Cowboys, showing they can control the time on the clock. This could be really important when they play against the Ravens. Despite Raheem Mostert nursing an ankle injury, the Dolphins look set to exploit the Ravens’ 12th-ranked run defense.

However, the health concerns in the Dolphins’ offensive line, with Austin Jackson returning but Robert Hunt still on the mend, could provide a window of opportunity for the Ravens. The battle in the trenches, led by Roquan Smith and Patrick Queen for the Ravens and the resilient defensive front of the Dolphins, will be a key factor. The competition is close, but the Dolphins might have a little advantage here.

Dolphins Must Be Wary

Baltimore’s ground game orbits around the sensational Lamar Jackson, a local hero with a league-leading 786 rushing yards among all quarterbacks. Some running backs got hurt, but Gus Edwards has been doing great with 12 touchdowns. The Dolphins’ defense has a tough job stopping the best running team in the NFL. The trick is to stop Jackson from making those tricky runs, which is not so easy. The Ravens might have a slight edge here.

Tagovailoa’s Time to Shine

When the Dolphins take to the air, Tua Tagovailoa becomes the maestro orchestrating the offensive symphony. Tagovailoa made a big comeback against the Ravens in the last game the two teams played, showing how good he can be against a tough defense. But now, the Dolphins are worried because star receivers Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle might not be playing due to injuries. Frank Smith, the Dolphins offensive coordinator, will have his work cut out for him this week.

The Ravens, boasting the league’s top sack count, present a formidable challenge. The Ravens’ pass rush aims to disrupt Tagovailoa’s rhythm. Yet, the Dolphins’ offensive line could be the unsung heroes. If Tagovailoa can release the ball swiftly, the Dolphins may gain an upper hand in the passing battle.

Dolphins Defense Holds the Key

Lamar Jackson is good at throwing and making plays and this makes him a big threat when passing the ball. The absence of tight end Mark Andrews may create a vulnerability that the Dolphins’ secondary, led by Jalen Ramsey and Xavien Howard, could exploit. Bradley Chubb going against Ronnie Stanley is an important part of the game. The Dolphins want to pressure Jackson from the inside to mess up his passing game.

The Dolphins’ disciplined pass rush, coupled with their ability to prevent Jackson’s escapes, could tip the scales in their favor in the passing battle. The Dolphins hold a slight advantage in this part.

Neck-and-Neck Race

Both teams flaunt exceptional special teams units. Jason Sanders did amazing things against the Cowboys and got a special award. Justin Tucker is also really good at kicking for the Ravens. The guys returning punts, Braxton Berrios and Tylan Wallace, make the special teams battle even more exciting. It is hard to say who is better as both teams have something special to bring.


As the Ravens ride the wave of momentum from their commanding win over the 49ers, they enter the showdown with an air of invincibility. The Dolphins feel really good after beating the Cowboys, and now they are going to play in the Ravens’ place feeling confident. The Ravens want to make up for a bad loss last season. The Dolphins want to show how tough they are, even when playing away from home.

With both teams hungry for success, the intangibles become the X-factor. The Ravens’ cross-country journey back to Baltimore after a Monday night game might impact their fatigue levels, providing the Dolphins with a potential advantage. The Ravens are number one in the NFL rankings, and they want to show how good they are.

Playoff Football Before Playoff Football

This is the type of late December matchup NFL Schedule makers hope for. Two great teams going head-to-head with a lot on the line. You can make a case for either team to win and expect a close game that does go down to the wire.