Every year, a team sets a record for the largest comeback in the history of the National Football League. Miami Dolphins is also one of the teams that blew the minds of fans, opponents, and professionals with their incredible performance.

So how did the Dolphins edged out other teams all these years? Let’s check out Miami’s biggest comebacks with the recap of these five games.

Overpowered Dallas Cowboys and Critics

Year: 2023

This year, the Miami Dolphins team added another feather in its cap. The playoff battle with the Dallas Cowboys on December 25, 2023, at Hard Rock Stadium was the biggest comeback for the team. It was a jolly Christmas Eve for Miami fans!

With each team at 10-4, they were the season’s top two scoring offenses. However, the defense took the lead in the first 30 minutes. Before halftime, Raheem Mostert also scored his NFL-leading 21st touchdown of the league.

Miami had a hard time in the initial quarters. However, the team would not back down. In the second quarter, the Dolphins took possession of the matchup and outgained Dallas 128-8. The final quarters gave the team the power to clinch a playoff berth.

Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa threw for 293 yards on the game-winning drive and a touchdown. As time expired, Jason Sanders’ 29-yarder fifth field goal gave the team entry ticket to NFL playoffs.

The team also went through several criticisms after losing against Philadelphia, Buffalo, and Kansas City. However, a 22-20 victory over the Dallas Cowboys turned the tables for the Dolphins.

This comeback win hushed the critics. The industry experts now have good hopes for the underdogs. Some Florida online casinos propose an 11.05% chance of the Dolphins winning the next game against the Baltimore Ravens. So, placing a stake in this team can be rewarding.

Record-Breaking Win against Baltimore Ravens

Year: 2022

Recently, the Miami Dolphins surprised NFL fans by winning the game against the Baltimore Ravens. The match at M&T Bank Stadium left the audience stunned when the Dolphins won the game on September 18, 2022.

What makes this Dolphins comeback worth it?

The Miami Dolphins were trailing 14-35 points till the fourth quarter. Surprisingly, the team outscored the Ravens 28-3 in the fourth quarter. Tyreek Hill and Tua Tagovailoa were the two main stars behind this unbelievable comeback.

Hill had two touchdowns with five catches for 142 yards. Tagovailoa’s career-high throw for 469 yards and six touchdowns led the team to a 2-0 start. The major credit goes to Tua Tagovailoa’s game-winning touchdown pass to Jaylen Waddle.

With 14 seconds, the team erased a 21-point second-half deficit. The victory under new head coach Mike McDaniel became the biggest fourth-quarter comeback for the Miami team.

Overall, the Dolphins had up to 932 yards, which includes 233 total yards in the fourth quarter. All four of the team’s possessions in the fourth quarter ended up in a TD.

Undoubtedly, beating Baltimore 42-38 was another historic comeback for Maimi.

Stomped the Bears

Year: 2006

With Miami at 1-6, defeating Chicago was a challenge in this NFL season. The initial matchups of the season were terrible for the Dolphins. Nevertheless, the picture changed soon!

The Miami Dolphins decoded the winning formula to prove the critics and audience wrong. On November 5, the team went on the ground with one thought that they had nothing to lose.

Ronnie Brown ran for a career-high 157 yards. Further, Jason Taylor returned an interception 20 yards for a touchdown, allowing the Dolphin’s offense to score. Dolphins beat Bears 31-13 on the Soldier Field.

This impressive victory ended the Bears’ unbeaten streak.

Dolphins Upset Bills

Year: 2005

No NFL game can be as exciting as this matchup between the Dolphins and Bills on December 4.

With a 21-0 in the first quarter, the Buffalo Bills had a lead in the game due to three touchdowns with the efforts of Lee Evans and JP Losman.

Although the Miami Dolphins managed a field goal in the second quarter, Gus Frerotte got sacked in the third quarter. Now, the responsibility was on the shoulders of Chris Chambers on fourth down. Chris proved his potential with receptions and receiving a 4-yard pass from Sage Rosenfels.

Miami won 24-23 in the last six seconds of the game. The comeback that no one will ever forget.

Smashed Down New England Patriots

Year: 1974

The match with the New England Patriots is the largest comeback of all time for the Dolphins. Ask why?

The Dolphins had a difficult time in the second quarter as they trailed by 0-24 against the New England Patriots. They trailed twice in this match, i.e., 28-7 at halftime and 35-14 in the fourth quarter.

However, the Miami team created history by scoring 24 points. As a result, the team won the game by 34-27.

No Miami Dolphins supporters will ever forget the December 15 night.


  1. Have the Miami Dolphins ever been good?

Miami Dolphins is the only NFL team ever to complete an entire season without a defeat in 1972.

  1. What was the Dolphin’s best record?

Miami Dolphins finished 17-0 and won Super Bowl VII over the Washington Redskins.

  1. How many times did the Dolphins go to the Super Bowl?

The Miami Dolphins team reached the annual Super Bowl league five times with two Vince Lombardi trophies.

Final Words

The Miami Dolphins managed to knock top teams in many NFL seasons. History is set that fans will remember for the years to come. As an adage goes, “It ain’t over till it’s over.”