The NFL playoffs create one of the best times of the sporting year. All 32 teams have battled through 17 games in an attempt to make the playoff bracket and take a run at the Lombardi trophy. For fans, it also means a lot more tension with every snap.

Whether you are new to the experience or a seasoned veteran, watching football can be improved with the right tips. Check out these suggestions and kick your playoff watching experience to a whole new level.

Know How You’re Going to Watch

Though many sports fans still watch games on television, technology has evolved to the point where a television isn’t mandatory. Just as you can play online slots for real money or place a sports bet without having to leave your couch, the same goes for watching sports.

If you have a television, it can be a bit more immersive, especially with big-screen televisions. That said, having a laptop, computer, or even a smartphone can give you all the access needed. Plan out the next game by knowing how you are going to watch and you can tailor everything around that feature.

Watch with Friends

It can be perfectly fun to watch the NFL playoffs on your own but there is nothing quite like watching alongside family and good friends. Families and friend groups tend to root for the same team, so it is nice to have people around you who are in the same boat. Of course, you probably can’t get away with using a computer or phone, so make sure to have a TV that can get the job done.

Having others gathered around the television brings the excitement up another notch. Throw out high-fives after every big play and know that others are feeling your pain when something goes wrong. There will be big highs and low lows while watching your team. Even if you have no rooting interest, there is nothing that makes the game feel more exciting than others cheering every big play right alongside you.

Comfortable Seating

Think about this scenario. You’re settling in to watch the NFL playoffs but before long, you notice discomfort and even pain in your legs, back, and joints. It will take away from your overall enjoyment of the game, keeping you distracted from what’s happening on the field. That’s why you need to have comfortable seating for anyone in attendance.

A comfy couch, reliable reclining chair, and other comfortable seating options should be readily available. The only reason you should jump up off the couch is to celebrate a big play or protest a game-changing call. When you’re comfortable, it becomes a lot easier to stay immersed in the game unfolding before you.

Lots of Food

A traditional staple of watching football is enjoying great food. Whether it be snacks like chips, pretzels, and other finger foods, a delicious pizza, perfect buffalo wings, or something else entirely, there is nothing quite like cheering along while taking bite after bite of awesome food. The best part about this factor is that the menu can appeal to a wide range of sports fans.

Having things like nachos, chips, dips, and even a veggie platter can be great for those who want a little something during the game. Depending on the group, you can go a little heavier and get pizza, tacos, chicken wings, and any number of meals. The potential is there to provide a delicious spread no matter what kind of guests are in the house. Having a full stomach can also make it a little easier to handle the bad plays.