With the Super Bowl now in the rearview mirror, everyone will begin to focus on the 2024 NFL Draft. Brad Spielberger and Trevor Sikkema joined PFF to do a 1st round mock draft. Look below to see who they have Miami selecting in Round 1.

Yes, we know mock drafts before free agency, the combine, and in-person visits aren’t all that meaningful, but they are still fun to look at.


Round 1, Pick #21: Amarius Mims, OT  Georgia

Scouting Report From PFN


  • Massive offensive tackle with elite mass, length, and no bad weight.
  • An explosive, high-energy athlete who resembles a move TE in an open space.
  • Rotational freedom, length, and frame density afford him hyper-elite power capacity.
  • Can effectively load his base and torque through extensions, slabbing DL off the snap.
  • Flashes incredible lateral freedom when redirecting to match stunting pass rushers.
  • Shows off impressive hinge flexibility for his size, which he uses to adjust his alignment.
  • He can dominate in pass protection with his athleticism, strength, and wingspan.
  • Leverages well in pass protection, using controlled lean and knee bend to widen reach.
  • Can get great depth on his kick and maintain balance while matching rushers in-phase.
  • Already proficient at aligning his base to funnel rushers outside and block interior lanes.
  • Flashes near-elite processing speed and reactive athleticism when responding to stunts.
  • Has a good sense of timing on two-hand extensions and can torque to lock out rushers.
  • Angle-aware run blocker who can rotate his hips to seal defenders inside the scrum.
  • Absolute road-grader on the ground with his athleticism, power, and finisher mentality.
  • He has starting experience at both left and right tackle and can play both spots.
  • Weaknesses

    • At his height, Mims naturally plays too tall into contact at times and negates his base.
    • Sometimes stalls out his leg drive after initial contact, failing to sustain displacement.
    • Occasionally veers past optimal angles in space and lacks elite recovery flexibility.
    • Sometimes rolls his front foot onto his heel, which can impact his balance versus power.
    • Is still relatively over-reliant on two-hand extensions and can hone his hand-fighting.
    • Hand usage is still relatively bland and hands can be slow and imprecise on recovery.
    • Can be more efficient loading and channeling knock-back power on extensions.
    • Balance deteriorates the longer reps draw on, especially after initial anchor battles.
    • Has a very small sample size of college tape, with just eight career starts.
    • Missed time with an ankle injury in 2023 and missed snaps within games several times.