“You guys are probably more worried about (offensive line and tight end) than we are.” – Chris Grier

These are the famous words said by Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier last April. And in some ways, he wasn’t wrong. Miami was the 6th ranked rushing offense in yards per game. And only three teams gave up fewer sacks than Miami last season. Some will credit that to Tua’s quick release, but at the end of the day, the numbers don’t lie.

Throughout last season, Robert Hunt missed a bunch of games, Terron Armstead missed a bunch of games, and Isiah Wynn got hurt midway through the season and missed half the season.

Miami has three starters who will soon be unrestricted free agents in early March and on the open market: Robert Hunt, Connor Williams, and Isiah Wynn.

So, what will Miami do?

Will they look to totally revamp the offensive line and bring in a bunch of new faces? Or will they bring back the same group and just add depth to it in case injuries arise again next season?

Let’s look at each player and give an educated guess as to what they will do.

Austin Jackson-Recently signed a long-term extension late last year and will be locked into the right tackle position.

Robert Hunt-In my opinion, the most important of all the free agents Miami has going into the offseason. I am sure the Dolphins will want to bring Hunt back since they drafted him, and until last season, he has been very reliable and never misses games. The highest-paid offensive guards make $20 million per season, a Top 10 offensive guard will make upwards of $13 million per season, and that number will rise with the salary cap rising this year.

Expect Hunt and his agent to look for Top 10 offensive guard money and at or around $14+ million per year. Will Miami pay that? Can that get him closer to $11 or $12 million? That is the question.

I think Miami has a number in mind for Hunt, and it is probably at $11 or $12 million per year, maybe even $13. But if Hunt gets offered more, I am not sure Miami will enter a bidding war to keep him as they feel they can probably find an alternative for half that money who can provide similar production.

Connor Williams– This is a tricky one as when he is healthy, he is one of the best blocking, if not the best, blocking center in the NFL. Yes, there are snap issues. But the blocking is at an elite level. And injury is the issue here as Connor will probably miss around the first 6-8 games of the 2024 season coming off a torn ACL. That injury will prevent Connor from getting a big money deal as a free agent. For him, it is unfortunate.

If I am Miami, though, they should think big picture here, and if Connor doesn’t have teams beating down his door in free agency, Miami may be able to keep him at a bargain price. Yes, I know short-term it stinks as the first eight weeks or so, he won’t play. But in the second half of the year, he will be there, and for 2024 and 2025, you may have him at a team-friendly deal. And if you are Chris Grier, you hold your nose and play Liam at center to open the season or find an alternative at center who will eventually slide to the #2 spot once Connor is back.

Isaiah Wynn- Before he went down to injury, there is no doubt Wynn was having the best season of his career. But Wynn was a 1st round bust in New England who was always hurt, and he couldn’t make it till November in Miami before a season-ending injury hit. If his price tag is low enough, he may be a wise signing to be a backup guard who comes off the bench. But there is no way you sign him expecting him to start and be someone who you can count on for a full season.

Liam Eichenberg– He will enter the final year of his rookie deal, and he is someone who took a giant leap last season as a player. Is he a center? NO. Is he a backup center? Well, probably not, but he kinda grew into the position as the year went on. The biggest leap for him came in that when it came to blocking, he was very good. Like he was really good. The Butch Barry effect came into play here.

To me, Liam is someone who I would pencil in at left guard as a starter or right guard should Hunt not be re-signed.

Terron Armstead– He is under contract. When he plays, he is elite. The problem is he doesn’t play enough. I know he has floated out the idea he will retire…he won’t! Armstead will be back, which leads us to…

Kendall Lamm– He is another free agent who may have a big market this offseason. While Lamm has bounced around the league and really didn’t have a home or a spot until last year, he was spectacular last season, filling in for Armstead when Armstead was out (which was often).

If you are going to have Armstead as your starting left tackle your backup left tackle is one of the more important positions on the team. I am 99.9% sure Miami wants to keep Lamm. Can they afford him, though?


We know we have Armstead and Jackson back at both tackle spots (Armstead isn’t walking away from that money).

I feel Miami signs either Hunt OR Connor (not both).

Liam Eichenberg you can pencil in at one of the two starting guard spots.

Lamm is retained to be the left tackle behind Armstead for one more season and be a swing tackle.

Wynn comes back at a very cheap price tag.

Miami will draft a tackle either in Rounds 1 or 2 of the draft, and that tackle may play his rookie season as a guard until Armstead is gone after the 2024 season and he slides into that role.

So, if you expect Miami to blow up this offensive line and bring in a bunch of new faces, I don’t see it.

I think Miami runs it back with most of the same group they had this past year; you will have Robert Jones and Lester Cotton for depth pieces, along with another new depth piece, most likely.

And if you are a Dolphins fan and this upsets you, remember what your general manager said ten months ago, “You guys are probably more worried about (offensive line and tight end) than we are.”