After a tough start to the NFL off-season, I think Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier has done a nice job of adding players at certain positions on short-term contracts and lower salaries. He’s signed bodies on the offensive and defensive lines for depth. He has also brought some new linebackers and safeties in the secondary and Kendal Fuller at cornerback. 

Grier has added players to give him options for potential 1st round picks at 21 for different positions. One area he hasn’t targeted yet is wide receiver, and the Dolphins need a 3rd wide receiver. Sure, Michael Thomas, Hunter Renfrow, and others still on the free agent market could be signed, but those players would be stop gaps and probably sign a one-year deal. I know the Dolphins resigned Braxton Berrios, but he’s a kick returner and number 4 receiver at best.

They also have Erik Ezukamna, who had a neck injury after getting meaningful snaps the first two games of the season last year, but who knows if the injury will affect him. There are a few other reasons the Dolphins need to consider a wide receiver potentially in the first round. 

Jaylen Waddle is in the last year of his rookie contract, and yes, the Dolphins have the 5th year option, so it would be foolish not to exercise it. Are the Dolphins going to be able to sign him long-term? The wide receiver salaries, like other positions, will be higher, and with the cap issues, the Dolphins will potentially have if they sign quarterback Tua Tagovailoa to a new deal. There won’t be a lot of money to go around. Waddle is a dynamic playmaker, and the Dolphins must keep him if they can. 


The other reason is Tyreek Hill. The Dolphins star receiver just turned 30, and you must wonder how much longer he will have that speed and acceleration to his game. Once it’s gone, it’s not coming back. The bigger reason for me is that all I read about Hill every other week lately is an off-the-field issue. I realize these are most likely overblown, perhaps because there are no charges or anything like the domestic call. Last year, the incident with Hill slapping the worker upside the head was, heck, I do that to my brother-in-law all the time, but the point is you can’t put yourself in these positions.

He has a past for assault and other things, and those were years ago, but as I said, don’t put yourself in these potential positions where it will be reported and then investigated by the NFL. Hill is going into the 3rd year of his contract extension and next year, there is an out in the contract, so with him getting older, and if these things pop up, even if not true, the Dolphins could decide to cut their losses. 

 The Dolphins need to draft a younger receiver with a potentially high ceiling to develop on a rookie contract especially with Hill getting older and with Waddle’s contract coming up. The Dolphins must have the vision to investigate that, just in case. This wide receiver class is considered deep, but I feel like that’s the case every year, with colleges running spread offenses and football being a passing game across the board. The Dolphins could find a receiver anywhere, but if an opportunity knocks at pick 21, the Dolphins need to consider taking one strongly. They have other needs, but you should choose the best player available.  

The Dolphins sorely need another receiver. Look at what happened last month of the season: Hill and Waddle were hurt and clearly not 100% when they came back. The Dolphins needed someone to step up, but that didn’t happen. It was one of the reasons the team choked at the end of last season, and in my opinion, the season was a failure.