Draft analyst Charles Davis released his 3.0 Mock Draft days ahead of the NFL Draft, and with the 21st pick, he has Miami Selecting…


Round 1, Pick #21: Graham Barton, G/C – Duke

“Agile physically and mentally, Barton moves from college left tackle to NFL center (he did start five games at the pivot early in his Duke days) and anchors Mike McDaniel’s lightning-speed offensive attack.”

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Reviewing Barton’s tape is a pleasurable experience in offensive line evaluation, as his tenacity and know-how are on full display throughout. Though he played at a high level at left tackle, center will likely be his NFL home. Barton is an explosive drive blocker with the body control and leg drive to keep opponents centered and finish the job. His hands are sudden, accurate and strong in both phases, but a lack of length will create occasional challenges on the next level. His fluidity creates an advantage as a second-level climber, and he’s highly capable in the screen game. Barton’s technique, toughness and athleticism are exactly what teams will be looking for from an early starter with Pro Bowl potential.


  • Possesses the bend, core strength and technique of an NFL starter.
  • Patient but firm, exploding into the block and running his feet to secure.
  • Fits and finishes blocks with excellent body control and very strong claws.
  • Smooth climber with good adjustments to targets in space.
  • Pass sets are clean with broad base and twitchy hands.
  • Counters rush movements with well-postured mirror and sticky hands.
  • Arches back and unlocks lowers, creating flexion and leverage with pass anchor.
  • Once he’s settled into defenders in run/pass, he’s usually the winner.


  • Arms are shorter than NFL standard for his position.
  • Occasional struggles getting into position for redirects when beaten.
  • Needs to guard against lunging as a second-level blocker.
  • Corrals escaping defenders with his arms, which could bring flags.

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Barton’s Scouting Report


  • Extremely explosive athlete off the snap who channels bursts into awesome power.
  • High-level space blocker with range, energy, power, and a gnawing finishing mentality.
  • Strong, compact, and well-proportioned frame that efficiently carries its mass.
  • Has tremendous malleability and flexibility, which helps with torque and recovery.
  • Spins up dominating leg churn at contact and can violently plow defenders out of lanes.
  • Able to load his hips and torque through defenders to seal the frontside of run plays.
  • Effortless knee bend and flexibility allow him to easily acquire proper pad level.
  • Flexibility and athleticism allow him to adjust and maintain leverage through reps.
  • Can envelop rushers with a wide base while tightening his hands to anchor and control.
  • Knows how to anchor and sink his hips to take control of moving blocks in the run game.
  • Has the grip strength to sustain blocks in space and remain a factor late in reps.
  • Has shown he can combat extensions with independent hands while keeping synergy.
  • Eagerly capitalizes with physicality when defenders give up leverage to lurch into gaps.
  • Can process stunts and blitzes in pass protection and has good run-game angle IQ.
  • Has pre-existing experience at center and projected versatility across all five spots.


  • Arm length is around average, which could force a move inside at the NFL level.
  • Longer opponents can more easily get inside his frame and drive power through.
  • Sometimes widens his hands too far in his stance, further exposing himself to power.
  • Sometimes wraps his arms around opponents when driving power, risking penalties.
  • Doesn’t have elite play strength and can be displaced with power as a backside blocker.
  • Is susceptible to swim moves when lurching to attack pursuit threats off the snap.
  • Sometimes fails to recognize delayed blitzes outside, leaving paths open to the QB.
  • At times, shortens the corner by retracting his base too early on pass protection reps.
  • Occasionally, a tick late off the snap when playing from the tackle position.

Rob Rang of FOX Sports Mock Draft has Miami Selecting..

Rob Rang of FOX Sports Mock Draft has Miami Selecting…